Paper Hearts Mandala Craft

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These beautiful mandala inspired paper hearts come together to form a DIY decoration, perfect for any space. This easy paper craft is designed to made by older kids or even adults. It is a great way to bring calm and relaxation, the perfect mindfulness activity for kids. Plus you can play with colors and patterns and a repetition of designs. For an added bonus, making a simple yarn tassel is also an incredibly calming activity, with sensory elements and repetition of movement. Make this paper heart craft for Valentine’s Day or really any time of the year.

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You may have noticed that this beautiful paper craft takes just a few supplies. Well, that is something we strive for around here. We want to keep crafting with your kids simple and actually do-able. And part of that is that we also stick to a master list of supplies that are inexpensive, versatile and fit into one bag. Once you fill your bag, you are ready to make ANY craft that you find here at Find out what to put in your bag and get started crafting memories with your family today.

Step 1: Cut Out the Paper Hearts

  • Fold a piece of the white construction paper in half.
  • Print the printable heart template for this craft and cut it out.
  • Trace the heart template OR draw a half heart as large as you can on the white construction paper
  • Cut out the half heart and then open up the paper to see your heart.
  • Repeat this until you have 4 matching hearts.

Step 2: Decorate Your Hearts

  • Take one of the hearts and trace your round object onto the top and bottom, using whatever marker color that you would like.
  • Now work inward and outward from that mark to create your mandala design. Make scallops and dots and circles and waves and whatever you want for your design. I like to change up the colors as I go, but you should make your design however you want.
  • Repeat this process of decorating your hearts until all 4 have a mandala design. I chose to make each one exactly the same, but you can make each one different if you prefer.

Step 3: Make a Yarn Tassel

  • To make a simple yarn tassel, you can start with a cut out square of paper plate about 5″ wide or use the palm of your hand.
  • Wrap the yarn around around your hand (or square of cardboard) about 10-15 times.
  • Then slide the wrapped yarn off of your hand (or cardboard)
  • Cut another piece of white yarn approximately 1 yard long.
  • Slide the cut piece of yarn through the center of the wrapped yarn and tie a double knot. You should be left with nice long doubled yarn that will eventually go through the center of the hearts and a hanger on the top.
  • Cut one more piece of white yarn approximately 8 inches long and tie it around your bundle of yarn, just below the tied off top. Make a double knot.
  • Now cut the bottom of the loops and trim to even it out.

Step 4: Begin Paper Heart Assembly

  • With the hearts folded in half, glue together 2 of the hearts halves.
  • Now, add another heart half and keep going until all 4 hearts are connected to each other.
  • But…DO NOT glue the last 2 halves together just yet.

Step 5: Finish the Heart Mobile

  • Before you glue together the last 2 halves of the hearts to bring it full circle and make it 3D, place the long yarn that you left at the top of your tassel into the center of the paper hearts.
  • Once it is in place, with the tassel hanging just below the hearts, glue the last 2 halves.
  • You can tie a knot at the top of the strings coming out the top to make a loop for hanging.

See the video below for the full tutorial to make this paper hearts mandala inspired craft…

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Save this Valentine Craft for later. Pin it to your favorite Pinterest board…


Happy Crafting!

XO Joy

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