Rudolph Christmas Card

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If you are looking for Rudolph Christmas card ideas, you have come to the right place. And this is one of many handmade Christmas cards here at “In the Bag Kids’ Crafts”. It is a tradition in our house to put a couple of special cards in the branches of the tree, and they are opened after all of the presents. There is no money or gift cards in them, just heartfelt sentiment. It helps us to remember what the holiday is really about. Most of the cards that we will make have a little twist or interactive element. This Rudolph Christmas Card has a springy nose, fuzzy antlers, and wiggly eyes.


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In case you are new around here, let me tell you how we are different from other kids’ craft sites…first of all, there is absolutely no glitter allowed. I love the sparkle but limiting the amount of mess involved makes it more likely that you will actually get the craft supplies out more often…which is the whole point! Let’s creat together! Then, you will discover that every project on the website is made from the same finite list of supplies. Fill you craft bag once, and you are ready to go! No additional prep, less mess…what’s not to like!?!

Step 1

  • Fold the piece of brown construction paper in half
  • Print and cut out the templates
  • Place the template for Rudolph’s head on the fold, trace and cut out.
  • *You can also feel free to just free-hand draw the Rudolph’s head.
  • Trace and cut out Rudolph’s red nose
  • Cut a short piece of paper and fold it into an accordion (as pictured)
rudolph card step 1
rudolph card step 1

Step 2

  • First, from the white construction paper, cut a shape just slightly smaller than the deer’s head
  • Then, glue it to the inside of the card
  • Last, write your message inside
christmas card step 2
christmas card step 2

Step 3

  • Using the glue stick, attach the accordion onto the back of the nose and glue it in place
  • Glue on the large googly eyes
  • Draw on his mouth, eyebrows and whatever other details you would like
  • Cut some ears out of brown construction paper and glue them in place too
Rudolph Christmas Card step 3
Rudolph Christmas Card step 3

As you craft with your kids, let them know how proud you are of their hard work. It is so important for us to give your children positive feedback and encouragement.

Step 4

  • Cut one of the brown pipe cleaners in half
  • Cut the remaining pipe cleaner into 4 pieces
  • Twist 2 of the smaller pieces around each of the longer pieces to form a set of antlers
  • Tape the antlers into place on the back of the front cover of the card (DO NOT GLUE…it will be a big mess if you do)
christmas card step 4
christmas card step 4

I hope that you enjoyed making this Rudolph Christmas card. Handmade cards are an extra special little gift at the holidays. And here are a few more Christmas card ideas that you will want to check out…

Happy Crafting!

XO Joy

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rudolph christmas card
rudolph christmas card
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