Sunset Silhouette Kids’ Craft

Summertime Paper Plate Kids' Craft

Easy Kids' Summertime Craft Sunset Silhouette
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There is nothing more stunning than a beautiful sunset. And you never know what you will see in silhouette against that sunset when you are looking out toward the ocean. For this project I will give you some silhouettes to use, but feel free to make one of your own. Maybe you want to make an octopus coming out of the water, the Loch Ness monster, a family of turtles, you surfing the waves, or whatever you can think of! There is no end to the possibilities and no wrong way to make this craft. So, have fun with making your sunset silhouette kids’ craft and really use that imagination!!!


  • Paper plate
  • Blue, pink, orange and yellow tissue paper squares
  • Glue stick
  • Black construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Black Sharpie marker

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  • Glue a strip of blue tissue paper on the bottom of the plate
  • Next glue on a strip of pink tissue paper
  • Then orange
  • and yellow
  • The colors should overlap slightly as a sunset does not have harsh lines, but rather blends together.
Easy Kids' Craft Sunset Silhouette
Easy Kids’ Craft Sunset Silhouette Step 1


  • Print and trace OR draw a silhouette on the black construction paper using the black sharpie marker
  • Cut out the silhouette shape
Easy Kids' Craft Sunset Silhouette Step 2


  • Use the glue stick to adhere the silhouette(s) in place
Easy Kids' Craft Sunset Silhouette

This is the perfect craft for practicing the skill of crossing midline. What is crossing midline? Glad you asked…Imagine that there is an invisible line going vertical down the center of the body. On one side is your right and the other your left. When one side of the body moves across that middle line into the space of the other side, that is crossing midline. Most adults use this skill every day without even thinking about it. For example, if you are right handed, you likely reach across the dinner table to retrieve the salt using your right hand regardless of where it is, even if it is on your left side. When we read our, eyes cross midline, and when we write our hands cross midline. Many little ones, and even some elementary aged kids, have not yet developed this skill. Children who have difficulty with this skill may struggle with tasks such as reading and writing, in addition to throwing a ball, cutting with scissors, tying shoes, zipping a jacket, and a whole host of other activities. Crossing midline has also been found to be linked to proper letter orientation. When I get an OT call from a teacher asking me to look at a student who has lots of letter reversals, the first thing I check out is if they are crossing midline spontaneously and consistently. An easy and effective way to practice this skill is to set daily activities up so that items are placed opposite of the child’s preferred hand (If they have not yet established a strong hand dominance choose the hand that seems to be most coordinated or take turns until you find that they are preferring one over the other.) For example, if a kiddo loves to snack on gold fish crackers, don’t place them in the center of the tray, but rather off to his/her left while he/she uses the right hand to reach over to retrieve the crackers. You will likely need to remind the child verbally or with gentle touch to use the right hand, as he/she will want to reach with the hand that is closest, even if that means transitioning the food into the other hand before it goes into the mouth. For this craft, place small piles of the tissue paper squares opposite the kiddo’s dominant hand so that he/she is reaching across the body to retrieve them. Encourage your child to only retrieve one square at a time and to use a pinch to pick them up (also working on fine motor coordination here…2 for 1…yay!) Crossing midline is such an important and foundational skill. I think that you will find that once this is mastered, lots of other skills that have been lagging behind will begin to fall in place.  If you’d like to learn more about crossing midline you can check out this article at “The Inspired Tree House”

As always, I would love to see what you have made. I bet you come up with some amazing silhouettes! Email and share or post your picks in the comments. With your permission I will also add them to the gallery (with proper credit given, of course). Happy crafting!

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Summertime Kids Craft Sunset Silhouettes
Sunset Silhouette Kids Craft


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