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Washi Tape Bracelets

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One of my favorite places to spend time online is Pinterest, and I have been seeing these adorable popsicle stick bracelets there which inspired this craft. They really are sweet, but they take some planning ahead. These washi tape bracelets have a similar look but take way less time and prep. Maybe we will make the popsicle stick ones sometime in the future (since we do have the supplies “in the bag” after all), but not today. So, if you are looking for a quick, fun thing to make with at the next sleepover your daughter has, this is just the ticket. Let those creative juices start to flow!


  • Paper plate
  • Washi tape (variety of your choice)
  • Scissors
  • Hole punch
  • White yarn

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Step 1

  • Cut strips from the center of the paper plate. Mine were approximately 3/4″, but you can make them whatever width you would like. You can even choose to make a very wide cuff type bracelet. *If you do this, alter step 3 so that the cuff has 2 holes on each side to put the string through so that it stays put on your wrist better.
  • Round the ends of the paper strips as pictured
washi tape bracelets step 1
washi tape bracelets step 1

Step 2

  • Cover the paper strips in washi tape in whatever design you would like. I even used the hole punch to punch out some dots for a design. Yours should not look like anyone else’s. Use your imagination and be creative!
  • Trim away the excess washi tape from around the edge of the bracelet
washi tape bracelets step 2
washi tape bracelets step 2

Step 3

  • Punch holes in the ends of each strip
  • Cut a piece of white yarn approximately 8 inches long
  • Lace the yarn through the holes and tie the bracelet onto your wrist to fit. Trim away the excess yarn, leaving enough to make a nice little bow
washi tape bracelets step 3
washi tape bracelets step 3

Pin this for later. Add it to your favorite board!

washi tape bracelets
washi tape bracelets

Happy Crafting!!!

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