Easy Possum Craft (with Baby Joey)

Easy Possum Craft made with paper plates
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Possums are often understood creatures, but they do so much good for our world. And, when you make this easy possum craft, you can talk with your child about how appearances can be deceiving and not judging a book by its cover. Such a great lesson for us all to learn, don’t you think? An added bonus to this free printable craft is the cute little joey that goes on the mama possum’s back. Now let’s get to crafting!

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Paper Plate Possum Craft

Fun Facts About Possums:

Possums (also called opposums) are absolutely fascinating animals. They’re often looked at like just big rats and can appear scary, but they’re not scary at all once you learn a little bit about them. Here are a few interesting facts, and you can learn even more at The Farmer’s Almanac.

  • They are marsupials, which means that they have pouches.
  • Their blood is special and makes them immune to many venoms and toxins.
  • It’s true that they actually do play dead…and very convincingly.
  • Possums eat both plants and animals that are available to them, even going through the garbage. And they eat LOTS of ticks, which is great for humans.
  • They are great at climbing trees.

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  • 2 Paper plate (9-inch coated)
  • Gray paint
  • Pink and gray construction paper
  • Newspaper
  • Pompom
  • clothespin
  • Glue stick
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • White crayon
  • Markers
  • Pink pipe cleaners
  • Scotch tape
  • Possum craft template

Making crafts with your kids is one of those things that you want to do but never seem to have the time for. It’s my mission to change that because you will never regret the time you spend creating together. To make crafting together actually do-able, even when life is hectic, we stick to a master list of supplies that fit into one bag to make all of the hundreds of crafts you see here and in our shop. Once you fill you bag, you’re ready to go…no more prep…and no more excuses. What are you waiting for?

How to Make an Easy Possum Craft

Step 1: Paint the Plates

  • Lay out some newspaper on your crafting surface.
  • Pinch a pompom with a clothespin to form a “paint brush”.
  • Place 2 paper plates, bottom up, on the newspaper.
  • Then paint the bottoms of each plate gray (or whatever color you would like for your possum.)

*If you really don’t want to get the paints out, just color the plates with crayons instead. This give the craft a different look but is no less fun. You child will be proud of what they’ve created.


Step 2: Use the Possum Craft Template

  • While the paint on the plates is drying, download and print out the possum craft template.
  • Use it to cut out all of the parts for your possum craft.
  • We made the ears a matching dark gray and the paws and nose pink.
  • For the little joey we used a lighter shade of gray. Again, choose whatever colors you would like. Pay attention to where the fold should be when cutting out the joey.

Step 3: Shape the Face

  • Now that the paint has dried on the plates, it’s time to shape the head of your possum craft.
  • Use a pencil to draw 2 angles that lead to the nose of your possum so that the head looks a little like a baseball diamond.
  • Cut the plates as pictured below.

Step 4: Put the Body Together

  • On the plate that has not been shaped, cut a flap that is about 2 inches wide and an inch deep.
  • Bend it up.
  • Overlap the 2 plates about an inch or so to form the body and head of your possum craft.
  • Generously apply your glue stick to the flap that you cut and attach it to the other plate as pictured. Press and hold for a minute to give the glue time to take hold.

Step 5: Add the Details to Your Opposum Craft

  • Now it’s time to start assembling your possum craft pieces.
  • Attach the feet and the nose using your glue stick.

Step 6: More Details Added

  • For the ears, cut a slit about an inch long in the center bottom of each ear.
  • Overlap the sides of one of the ears slightly at the slit and secure it with some glue to make. This will make the ear curved.
  • Repeat this with the other ear.
  • Now glue both ears into place on the head of your possum.
  • Also place the googly eyes. We used 25mm self-adhesive for our possum craft.

Step 7: Give the Possum a Tail

  • Flip the possum over onto his back.
  • Twist 2 pink pipe cleaners together and bend over the end so that it isn’t sharp to form the tail.
  • Then tape the tail into place.
  • Curl the possum tail for a natural look.

Step 8: Color on Some Special Touches

  • As a special finishing touch, use a white crayon to add some details to the face of your possum. This really does bring him to life.
  • You can also get out your makers and crayons to add some touches to the little joey. We gave him a nose and eyes and few other details.

Now that you know how to make this easy possum craft, really make it your own. We stuck to traditional colors for our possum and joey, but you can use whatever colors you would like. Maybe your possum is pink with blue polka dots or rainbow striped. And you can make several babies to hang onto mama’s back it you would like. The only limit is your imagination.

Combine Reading and Crafting

Now that you know how to make a possum craft, combine creativity with a learning activity, like reading. Here are some of our favorite books for kids about possums so that you can add some reading to your crafting time together.

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Paper Plate Possum Craft
Easy Possum Craft for Kids
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