Watermelon Kids Craft

watermelon slice coasters
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I know, I know…I promised no more fruit (see more here: strawberry, pear, watermelon, orange slice, pineapple). But I just cannot let go of the sweetness of summer just yet! As a blogger, I am supposed to be giving you ideas for the fall about now…looking ahead and all. And there will be plenty of that coming because I do love Autumn!…cozy sweaters, beautiful colors, campfires, yummy foods, and some of the best holidays of the year…but that will have to wait. Because today we will be clinging to summer for just awhile longer and making watermelon slice coasters. It’s an easy, fun and colorful watermelon kids’ craft that takes just a few items from “in the bag”.


  • At least 26 Clothespins
  • 2 Medium pompoms
  • 2 Q-tips
  • Hot pink or red paint
  • Dark green paint
  • Light green paint
  • Black paint
  • Paper plate
  • Elmer’s glue
  • Scissors
  • Newspaper

*These supplies will make 2 coasters.


Step 1

  • Take the springs out of all of the clothespins
watermelon slice coasters
watermelon slice coasters

Step 2

  • Cut the center out of the paper plate so that you have a circle that is approximately 4 inches in diameter-through the center
  • Then cut the circle in half
watermelon slice coasters step 2
watermelon slice coasters step 2

Step 3

  • Put a generous layer of glue on one of the paper plate 1/2 circles
  • Immediately place the clothespins-24 pieces-as pictured below
  • Repeat this process for the second coaster
  • Allow the glue to dry thoroughly before moving onto the next step
  • *You may notice that we did not paint the 1/2 circle first. So, some white will show through. If you want to, you can paint the 1/2 circle hot pink, letting it dry completely, before putting the clothespins in place
watermelon slice coasters step 3
watermelon slice coasters step 3

A foundational skill for so many every day activities is something called “crossing midline”. Imagine an invisible line going vertically through the center of the body. When a body matures, we spontaneously reach across that line, moving one side of the body into the space of the other side. For example, when we read we will reach across to turn the page, plus our eyes cross the midline. When we through a ball, we often end up reaching across that middle line. Pay attention, you probably reach across this line hundreds of times per day without giving it a second thought. You can learn more about crossing midline HERE and find another activity HERE.

Often little ones who are struggle with motor skills have not yet developed this skill and may need a little nudge. A great way to do that is just by setting up a repetitive activity to encourage this. This is how it is done…If your child prefers using his/her right hand, place the clothespin pieces on the left. For lefties, place the pieces on the right. Then encourage him/her to reach across the body to pick up each piece. You will notice that if your kiddo struggles with this skill, he/she will want to reach with the hand closest to the items. Encourage him/her to reach across. I say things like “give lefty a break; use righty” or “no thank you, lefty, we dont need you right now” or even gently hold the hand that I do not want them to use.

Step 4

  • Now for the painting…Pinch each of the pompoms with a clothespin to form “paint brushes”
  • Place the coasters onto the newspaper and squeeze out a little hot pink and dark green paint
  • Paint with these colors and allow them to dry
  • Squeeze out a little light green and black paint
  • Use the q-tips to add the light green stripe and then the black seeds
  • Allow the paint to dry thoroughly without using for drinks-probably did not need to tell you that
watermelon slice coasters
watermelon slice coasters

If you enjoyed making this watermelon kids craft, Pin it to your favorite board!

Watermelon Slice Coasters
Watermelon Slice Coasters
Watermelon Slice Coasters
Watermelon Slice Coasters
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