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    Bilateral Coordination

    Scissor Activity: Fingerprint Bugs in the Grass

    As a school based pediatric occupational therapist, my job is to help students achieve their educational goals. Often my focus is improving handwriting. For preschoolers, it is getting them using their hands to explore their world and use classroom tools. For kiddos to be success, they need to have a solid foundation of fine motor and visual motor skills. This craft is not only fun to make but it promotes so many valuable skills in the process. Primarily, it is a great scissor activity. When making the fingerprint bugs, a kiddo needs to isolate his/her index finger and use the appropriate amount of pressure to make a print. They need to place dots close together, tapping into the skill of spatial awareness, to make an ant or caterpillar. Then they get to fold and cut, coordinating their hands together with efficiency....