Stamped Snowflake Christmas Card

Welcome to day 6 of the 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS CARDS…so many fun and simple ideas for your kids to make to give away this holiday to the people that they love. This card is a Stamped Snowflake Christmas Card. It is a little bit more advance than some of the other cards since it includes cutting, weaving paper, and making a homemade snowflake stamp. If you would like to do this with little ones, just premake the snowflake stamps so that they are ready, and leave out the weaving step. Just use a simple blank canvas.

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  • Dark and light blue construction paper
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors
  • White paint
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Paper plate
  • Q-tip

Fill your bag using our printable list and be ready to make every…single…project…on this site! Seriously…every craft is made from the same master list of supplies (half or more you probably already have in your home right now! Nothing fancy.) We do this so that crafting with your kids is actually do-able. I know that you are busy…who isn’t? But creating together is vital to development and is just plain fun (well, let’s be honest, most of the time). Find out what to put in your bag so that you can craft along any time!

Step 1

  • Fold both pieces of construction paper in half
  • Cut the dark blue piece of paper in half
  • Then cut one half into vertical strips, about 1 to 1/2 inches wide each
  • Cut horizontal strips into the front half only of the light blue construction paper, about the same width as the strips you made. This will be the front of the Christmas card. Do not cut past the fold
snowflake card step 1
snowflake card step 1

Step 2

  • Weave the dark blue strips into the front of the card, using the glue stick to secure the strips at the ends. Do not work about gluing every intersection point, just the ends.
  • Once you weave in all of the pieces, glue the remaining 1/2 sheet of dark blue construction paper onto the back of the woven page to secure all of the pieces. Trim the edge of the card if you would like.
snowflake card step 2
snowflake card step 2

As you are creating together, be sure to let your child know that it is okay to try and fail. That is how we learn. Keep encouraging them along the way. Here are some ideas for ways to tell your kiddo “good job”.

Step 3

  • Now to make the snowflake stamps…Cut 3 equal pieces of pipe cleaner, approximately 3 inches long (This does not have to be precise)
  • Use a half pipe cleaner as the handle and twist the end around the middle of the 3 pieces of pipe cleaner. Spread out the 3 pieces so that they are equally apart.
  • Cut 6 small pieces of pipe cleaner. Twist each one around the end of a prong of the snowflake.
  • Shape and trim the snowflake stamp as desired.
  • Make other stamps of your own design.
snowflake card step 3
snowflake card step 3

(I trust you will ignore the fingernails that are in desperate need of a good painting. Hey, this is real life people 🙂

Step 4

  • Squeeze out some white paint onto the paper plate
  • Dip in the snowflake stamps and stamp the front of the card
  • Use the q-tip to add details
snowflake card step 4
snowflake card step 4

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Stamped Snowflake Christmas Card
Stamped Snowflake Christmas Card


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