Cupcake Craft

Cupcake Craft for Kids
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This sweet cupcake craft is a simple printable that you can decorate anyway that you like. It’s a great open-ended craft that leaves lots of room for creativity. Plus, it can easily be used as a letter C craft for preschoolers or toddlers. We’ll talk about that later…so keep reading. And be sure to grab the free printable template for easy crafting.

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Fun Facts about

  • Cupcakes used to be called number cakes, because of the amount of each ingredient that gets added.
  • They’re now called cupcakes because, before cupcake tins, they were baked in ramakins…or cups.
  • Cupcakes first came about in America.
  • The first reference to the word ‘cupcake’ is said to be from a 19th century American author named Eliza Leslie in her cookbook ‘Receipts’.

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Crafting with your kids is supposed to be fun…and easy. It shouldn’t just be another thing on your growing “to do” list but should be something that you look forward to together with excitement. Part of that is knowing that when you find some free time, you’re ready to make something…without a bunch of extra prep and things on your plate.

To make this possible, we stick to a master list of craft supplies that we use for all of our creative projects here. Seriously, we stick to the list for everything that you see on this site and in our shop, without exception…to make you rlife a little bit easier.

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Cupcake Craft

How to make a Cupcake Craft

Step 1: Use the Free Cupcake Craft Template

  • Download and print the free cupcake craft template.
  • Use the template to cut out the parts for your cupcake using whatever colors of construction paper you want. Make as many cupcakes as you want.
Cupcake Craft

Step 2: Assemble the Cupcakes

  • Use your glue stick to attach the cut out top of the cupcake to the cut out cupcake liner. Combine whatever colors you want.
Paper Cupcake Craft for Kids Step 2

Step 3: Decorate Your Paper Cupcakes

  • Dig into your kids’ craft bag and pull out whatever you want to decorate your cupcakes.
  • We started by using markers to give the cupcakes some details.
  • Next we used items like paper dots punched with the hole punch, cotton for extra frosting, tiny pomoms, beds, paper cut into sprinkles, washi tape and cut out cherries (included in template). Use whatever you have on hand, and use your creativity.
Cupcake Craft for Kids Step 3

Make It a C is for Cupcake Craft

  • To make your cupcake into a letter C craft, simply draw on a big letter ‘C’ using markers or crayons or cut out a letter C from construction paper and glue it onto the front of your craft.

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C is for Cupcake Craft

This is what is called an open-ended craft. Basically, we are providing the canvas (the cupcake), and you’ll provide the imagination to bring it to life. There is no wrong way to make this craft. Give it all you’ve got.

This would be a super fun craft to make as part of a birthday party. Crafting together is the perfect way to celebrate.

Save this Printable Craft for later. Pin it to your favorite Pinterest board…

Paper Cupcake Craft for Kids
Cupcake Craft
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