Possum Craft for Kids (with FREE Craft Template)

Possum Craft for Kids Paper Craft
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Some people have strong opinions about possums. They either hate them or they love them. We know you are absolutely going to love this possum craft though. It’s so ugly it’s cute! We call that possum magic.

This woodland animal craft is great for kids of all ages! (Even preschools and kindergarteners can do it with some adult assistance!).

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Craft Flashcards

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Free Paper Possum Craft for Kids

Different Facts about Possums

Possums (also called opossums) are such fascinating animals. They’re often looked at like just big rats and can appear scary, but they’re not scary at all once you learn a little bit about them. Here are a few interesting facts, and you can learn even more at The Farmer’s Almanac.

  • They are marsupials, which means that they have pouches.
  • Their blood is special and makes them immune to many venoms and toxins.
  • It’s true that they actually do play dead…and very convincingly.
  • Possums eat both plants and animals that are available to them, even going through the garbage. And they eat LOTS of ticks, which is great for humans.
  • They are great at climbing trees.


  • Construction paper (gray and pink)
  • Scissors
  • Metal brad fasteners (black if you have it)
  • Glue stick
  • Scotch tape
  • Pink (or gray) pipe cleaner
  • Crayons
  • Possum craft template

These supplies are ones that we always keep in our kids’ craft bag. They’re part our master list of supplies that we use for every single project that you’ll find here (and in our shop). That way, once you fill your bag, you’re ready to craft together any time…anywhere! No prep crafting is the way to go.

How to Make a Possum Craft

Step 1: Cut and Fold an Accordion Your Possum’s Body

  • Fold a gray piece of construction in half long ways
  • Then cut on the fold
  • Form the cut piece of paper into an accordion as pictured

Step 2: Use the Printable Possum Craft Template

  • Print the possum craft template
  • Use it to cut out all of the pieces for your possum from gray and pink construction paper.

*If you do not have access to a printer, cut out 4 pink feet and one pink nose. Then from the other half of the gray construction paper, cut a half oval for the bum of your critter and a rounded triangle for his face. Last, cut out 2 identical gray ears.


Step 3: Put the Pieces of your Possum Together

  • Use your glue stick to attach the rounded cut out to one end of the folded accordion. This is the back end of your possum.
  • Then glue the head of your opposum in place.
  • Next add his nose and paws. We placed the paws on the front and back sections of the accordion. You can also choose to attach them to one of the flat surfaces instead.

Step 4: Add Some Details to Your Possum

  • Cut a slit in the bottom of each ear, about half way up.
  • Then slightly overlap the sections of the ear at the slit and glue together.
  • Attach the ears to the head of your possum craft using your glue stick.
  • Add more details to your animal craft using crayons, especially some white around his face.
  • Finally, gently push black brads through the paper for your possum’s eyes. *If you do not have black brads, you can use silver ones that you color with a marker, small googly eyes or just color the eyes in place with a marker or crayons.

Step 5: Attach the Pipe Cleaner Tail to Your Possum

  • Use scotch tape to attach a pink pipe cleaner to the back end of your opossum craft for his tail.
  • Twist the tail slightly to give it some interest as a final touch.

Check out this short Possum Craft video tutorial

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Paper Craft Possum for Kids
Possum Craft for Kids with Free Craft Template
Paper Possum Craft for Kids
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