Free Valentine Printables (for Treat Bags)

Free Valentine Printable pdf for treat bags
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Every year we would look around for the perfect Valentines for my boys to give to their classmates. Of course, those with a little gift connected were the best to both give and receive. This free Valentine printables pdf is the perfect solution. Not only will they combine perfectly with any treat that you choose but include a chance for coloring and creativity.

If you like these printables, you’re also going to love making other Valentine’s Day crafts, like this love mailbox, these Valentine silhouette crafts or these DIY Valentine cards. And don’t miss out on the free printable Valentine coloring pages.

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Fun Facts about Valentine’s Day

  • Passing out Valentines is a 600 year old tradition, and millions are sold each year.
  • February 14 is the busiest day of the year for restaurants.
  • Traditional candy hearts weren’t available in 2019 due to the company (Necco) closing. But they came back in 2020 with a new company making them.
  • People consider pink and red the colors of love.
  • King Charles II of Sweden started the tradition of sending flowers to send a message.
  • American’s prefer candy to flowers as a Valentine’s gift.
  • Caramels are the most popular flavor in chocolate boxes.

To learn even more interesting facts about Valentine’s Day and its history, check out this article from Good Housekeeping.

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Combine Reading with Crafting

The best way that I know to elevate the crafting experience is to combine it with reading a good book. Here are some of our favorite Valentine’s Day themed books for kids…


  • Markers or crayons
  • Scissors
  • Stapler with staples
  • Valentine treats of your choice*
  • Sandwich sized ziploc baggie*
  • Valentine treat printables

This craft is a little different than most that we make here since you’re going to need to gather a few items that we don’t keep in the bag. The starred items are not part of the master list that we use for every single creative activity you see here, but it’s the kind of thing that you’re going to get anyway when you shop with your kids for Valentine’s for the class. So, enjoy the free resource and just go with it.

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Valentine Printables for treat bags

How to make a Valentine Treat Bag

Step 1: Get the Free Valentine Printable

  • Choose what designs you would like to make for your treat bags. There are 8 designs all together and each one of those has an option for ones that you fully color or ones that have the print filled in and you just color the small image that goes with the saying.
  • Download and print your free Valentine printables. It’s best to use cardstock for this since it is sturdier.
Valentine treat printables step 1

Step 2: Color the Printables

  • Use markers or crayons to color your Valentine printables.
  • Then cut out your Valentine treat bag topper.
Valentine printable treat bags step 2

Step 3: Add Your Valentine Treat Bag

  • Choose a favorite treate and put it in a sandwich sized ziploc baggie. Fill the bag about half full.
  • Seal up the bag and fold the top down.
  • Fold the top inch of the Valentine printable that you colored over the top of the ziploc.
  • Place a staple on each side to hold it in place.
  • If you would like, sign your name on the back of the Valentine treat topper.
How to Make Valentine treat bags step 3

Now that you know how to make these adorable Valentine treat bags, make lots and share the love. The free Valentine printable is yours to use over and over again. Enjoy!

Enjoy this Valentine Story together

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Valentine treat bag printables
Valentine printables for treat bags
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