Silhouette Valentine Preschool Crafts

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These paper plate silhouettes are the perfect Valentine preschool crafts. If you choose just a basic heart, some preschoolers will be able to cut out the shape. However, you may choose to precut the silhouettes to simplify this craft. Placing the tissue squares is a great activity that most preschoolers will enjoy, even those with short attention spans. (Let’s be serious, I haven’t met a preschooler that didn’t have a short attention span…but crafting can help improve that too)

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I love a seasonal craft with such a short supply list, don’t you? And the craft supplies list here are part of the same master list that we use for every craft her at With this list that we have carefully curated, you will have everything that you need to make hundreds…even thousands…of easy kids crafts. Just fill your bag using our master list, and we will be here to help you know how to mix and match those items for amazing and fun creative projects to make with your kids.

Step 1: Place the Tissue Paper Squares

  • Using a glue stick, place the one-inch tissue paper pieces on the bottom of the paper plate. *You may choose to have a variety of colors or use just one or two. Also, I chose to stick to classic Valentine colors, but you can use whatever you have on hand.
  • Work in sections while the glue stays sticky.
  • You can create a design or just randomly place squares. And it is perfectly okay if there are gaps. Gently encourage your child to cover the plate, but also let them be as independent as possible. You could try saying something like, “There’s some white space over here.” And then point to the area that may still need some tissue paper squares.

This craft is perfect for preschoolers and helping to develop fine motor skills. Encourage your child to pick up the tissue pieces one at a time and to pinch them. You can even demonstrate the motion of what a pinch looks like. Visuals help children learn.

Another skill that we can work on with this craft is crossing midline. This may be the first time that you have heard of this. But basically, crossing midline is when one side of the body moves into the space of the other side. It is a sign that the brain is mature and coordinated. Crossing midline is foundation for lots of others skills. You can learn more about crossing midline from our friends at The Inspired Treehouse. To set this craft up to promote this skill, place the pile of tissue paper squares opposite of your child’s preferred hand and encourage them to reach across to pick up each piece to place it.

Step 2: Cut Out the Valentine Silhouette

Valentine Preschool Crafts Silhouettes Step 2
  • Choose a printable Valentine template to print and trace OR draw your own Valentine silhouette
  • Cut your silhouette out of black or white construction paper

Step 3: Finish the Valentine Craft

  • Finally, use the glue stick to adhere the cut out silhouette onto the tissue paper covered plate.
  • Always a good finishing touch, print your name on the back.

Save these Valentine preschool crafts for later. Pin them to your favorite Pinterest board…

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These Valentine preschool crafts can be done with one kiddo at home or with an entire classroom of little ones. Though, if you are going to do this with an entire class, you will definitely want to pre-cut the silhouettes for your own sanity. As always, the pictures you see here are just a guideline. Feel free to make the craft your own. Change up the colors, make your own design, create a silhouette from scratch. Just have fun with it and use your imagination. That’s what it is all about!

Happy crafting!


Save this Valentine Craft for later. Pin it to your favorite Pinterest board…

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