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    New Years Craft for Kids

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    This paper airplane is specially designed to help all of us soar into a new year with hope and positive vibes. This New Years craft is more than just making a few fireworks on a piece of paper. Instead, this is an interactive experience where your child can write their dreams for the upcoming year and watch them soar. You can also use these new years activities for kids to send off any bad juju from the year before. I mean, seriously, who doesn’t want to make the bad parts of 2020 just fly away into the sky (and never come back). You will find a couple of video craft tutorials included in this post. The first is a basic beginning to end of a basic New Years paper airplane. The second is a visual step-by-step for how to make three different paper airplane designs.

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    • Construction paper (light color of your choice)
    • Markers
    • Items to decorate your paper airplanes (ex-tissue paper, paint, crayons, etc.)

    This craft is so super simple. You may even want to make more than one. And, as always, we are using craft supplies from the master list of 27 basic items (your capsule wardrobe of kids crafting) to create this diy kids craft, just like EVERY creative project here at In the Bag Kids’ Crafts. We do this to make your life easier and to make crafting with your kids actually do-able. Just fill your bag, and you will be ready to craft away! You will never regret the time that you spending creating things with your kids…trust me.

    Step 1: Write a Resolution

    • Write a dream for the new year on a your piece of construction paper. This an be a resolution, something you want to do or accomplish, a goal, or just a positive message for the upcoming year. You could also use it to write down something that you want to get rid of in the new year.

    *If your child is not able to write, ask them what they want in the new year and write what they say on the paper for them.

    STEP 1

    Step 2: Make a Paper Airplane

    • Fold your construction paper into a paper airplane with the written message inside. Check out the video tutorial for how to make a paper airplane (3 designs).

    Watch this video tutorial to learn how to make 3 simple paper airplane designs

    STEP 2

    Step 3: Decorate Your New Years Craft

    • Now that you have made your paper airplanes it is time to design them so that you can soar into the New Year in style. Dig into your craft bag and use whatever supplies you have on hand to decorate the New Years craft.
    STEP 3

    Watch the Video Tutorial for This New Years Craft

    It is never too early to teach your child how to have hope and make goals for the future. And this New Years craft is such a fun way to see a resolution in action. Plus it is a great opportunity for your kiddo to really stretch their imaginations as they create a paper airplane design of their own. If you are going to make this one of your new year activities for preschool, you may want to turn it into a lesson. You will need to pre-make the folded airplanes or give significant help for this age group, but they will love decorating them.

    Save this New Years craft for later. Pin it to your favorite Pinterest board…


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