Paper Mitten Craft for Kids

Mitten Craft Paper Winter Craft for Kids
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Let’s get right to it…this simple kids’ craft will take about 5 minutes, is great for any age, and leaves plenty of room for imagination. The steps are few, but the results are pleasantly surprising. So, without further ado (yes, I said ado), enjoy this paper mitten craft! Stick around to the end, and I’ll teach a few ways to maximize this craft and how to use it for learning through play opportunities.

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Mitten Craft for Kids


  • Construction paper (color of your choice)
  • Variety of small pompoms
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Markers
  • White Yarn
  • Hole punch
  • Elmer’s glue
  • Mitten craft template

Here at “In the Bag Kids’ Crafts” we strive to be different. There are so many kids’ craft sites that have amazing projects that I just love looking at (especially in those little Instagram boxes. I’ve seriously spent hours going down that rabbit hole.) But, let’s get real…so many of those projects are not made for children. They’re made by other adults.

So, what is the point? I already know how to you crayons and scissors? How about you? Here you’ll only find crafts that are actually doable for children to make for themselves…something that they can be proud of! It’s in the process of creating that we learn and grow, not in the process of watching our mommy make something.

Wow! That sounded so harsh! I’ve never said it quite that way. Guess I am feeling a little crankier than usual today. I really do love my fellow creators (even if it doesn’t sound like it). But, truly, I want you to be able to craft with your kids without pressure of perfection. Join me in the real world.

And…to help…every craft on this site is made from the same master list of supplies so that you can be ready to craft at a moment’s notice without extra prep. Shop once, and you’re ready to go! Let me send you the printable supply list straight to your inbox…

How to Make a Mitten Craft

Step 1: Trace your hand

  • Place your hand on a piece of construction paper and make a mitten shape around your hand and draw on a cuff…Or download and print the mitten craft template.
  • Layer together 2 pieces of construction paper (any color that you choose).
  • Cut out the mittens.

*For little ones who have not mastered using scissors yet, a grown up will likely need to help with this step. But be sure to only help as much as they need it and not more.

paper mitten craft step 1

Step 2: Decorate Your Mitten Craft

  • Use the markers to decorate your mittens, any way that you would like.
  • You an also get out the washi tape, paint, beads or anything else you have in your craft bag to decorate the mittens.

*Your mittens should not look like the picture. Make them your own! They can be any color, with any kind of decorations that make you happy. Just use your imagination.

mitten craft step 2

Step 3: Decorate the Cuff

  • Add pompoms or fluffed cotton to the cuff of your mittens.
  • We used Elmer’s glue to adhere the pompoms and a glue stick for cotton.
paper mitten craft step 3

Step 4 (Optional): Connect the mittens

  • Use the hole punch to make a hole in the cuff of each mitten.
  • Cut 3 pieces of white yarn, approximately a yard long each.
  • Braid the pieces of yarn together. *For little ones, skip the braiding and just use a single piece of string.
  • Tie the mittens together.

Braiding is a great activity for working on coordinating your hands together, known as bilateral coordination. Loosely tie the 3 pieces of yarn together and tape the end down to a solid surface (or have a friend hold the ends) so that you can braid it. If this is a new skill to you, check out this video to learn how…

Create a Learning Through Play Experience

It’s so much fun to take a simple paper craft, like this one, and turn it into a learning through play experience. Here are a couple of ideas for using this mitten craft to promote learning and fine motor skills, plus a free printable to make it into a prewriting game.

  • Write a number in the center and have you child count out and add that many pompoms to the cuff.
  • Place dots on the mitten and have your child glue beads onto each dot. They can also count the beads as they’re added.
  • Place washi tape on the mittens as a decoration. This is great for fine motor skills.
  • Cover the mittens in little pieces of torn paper or tissue paper squares for fine motor practice.
  • Work on name writing or writing of a letter than your learning by writing it with a highlighter and then having your child trace the letter(s)…with assistance as needed so that the letters are formed properly.
  • Practice bilateral coordination by placing your mittens in a shallow box with a little bit of paint (I like to use 2 or 3 colors) and a couple of marbles. Roll the marbles around so that they make paint marks on your mittens in random patterns.
  • Or play out simple dice game which promotes the skills of counting and pre-writing. Print the game. Roll the dice. Count the dots on the dice and then draw the matching shape onto your mittens. Continue this until your mittens are fully decorated.
mitten dice game

Here are a few more ideas that you can use with this Mitten Outline:

  • Tape the mittens down in a box top and roll marbles with paint over it.
  • Decorate the mittens with washi tape.
  • Tape a mitten outline down to another piece of paper and go around by tapping paint with a pompom. Then remove the mitten so that the shape is left behind.
  • Draw on the mitten with white crayon and then cover over it with watered down paint.
  • Cover it in scrunched up pieces of tissue paper.
  • Put dots of paint on the top and use a squeegy or ruler to pull it down across the mitten.
  • Color it with heavy crayon all over and then paint over it with a dark color of paint. You now have a surface for scratch art.
  • Tape all over it with q-tips and paint.

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Mitten Craft for Kids
Paper Mitten Craft
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