100 Animal Crafts for Kids

100 animal crafts for kids
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I’ve never seen a kid that wouldn’t like something (or everything) on this animal crafts list. There are just so many amazing and adorable projects to choose from. You will definitely find something that you child will absolutely love.

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100 Easy Animal Crafts for kids

The best part about this list of 100 animal crafts is that, even though they are all very different, each one is made using the same list of basic supplies that fit into one bag. Our master list has just 27 items on it, and we stick to those for everything that we make here. That way, once you fill your bag, your ready to go…no more prep than that. It’s like having a capsule wardrobe, but for your kids’ crafts instead of your outfits.

Hedgehog Craft for Kids

Hedgehog Craft (beyond Cute!)

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Spread the loveThis hedgehog craft is simply the sweetest. You can choose to make it colorful or more traditional muted tones. It’s great as a preschool craft or toddler craft too, and placing the tissue paper squares is the perfect fine motor activity. Of course, kids of any age will enjoy making this adorable animal…

Spider Craft for Kids

Spider Craft for Kids

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Spread the loveThis spider craft for kids is fun and simple to make, but it’s so much more than just your every day craft. Once you’re done creating, this spider becomes a great fine motor activity for kiddos. It will help improve finger strength and dexterity and promote and mature pinch pattern, which comes in…

paper plate sloth craft for kids

Paper Plate Sloth Craft

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Spread the loveThis paper plate sloth craft is unique and fun to make. And once you create your sloth, make make him some friends. It could be more sloths or other animals in the jungle. Then you can play away and tell stories using your new craft creations. And if you like this easy sloth…


Paper Bat Craft (Process Art!)

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Spread the loveThis paper bat craft is extra special and one of the easiest crafts you will ever make with your kids. We’re going to use a process art technique that I call “squish” painting. It’s also sometimes call warshak painting because it results in designs that are symmetrical like those used for the Warshak…

Paper Plate Tiger Craft for Kids

Paper Plate Tiger Craft

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Spread the loveThere are so many amazing and simple craft that you can make with your kids using paper plate, and this paper plate tiger craft does not disappoint. There are so many ways to customize this to make it a great craft for any age. It also creates an opportunity to learn a little…

Easy Penguin Craft for kids made with a paper lunch bag

Penguin Craft for Kids

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Spread the loveThis penguin craft for kids starts with a simple paper lunch bag and turns into such a completely adorable animal craft. It’s the perfect make and play craft. And, of course, penguins are the perfect winter craft, but you can make him any time of the year and enjoy the process. And if…


Giraffe Craft for Preschoolers

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Spread the loveThis giraffe craft for preschoolers starts with some simple pompom painting and gets special details made from recycled newspaper. I just love the touch that the spots made of print adds to this adorable craft. Though this craft is perfect for preschoolers, it will also work for kindergarteners or primary aged kids too….