Easy paper snowman craft for kids (FREE Template)

paper snowman craft for kids
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Making this paper snowman craft is so simple. And once you’re done you can hang it up as a winter decoration or even use it as a Christmas ornament. Decorate your snowman any way you like. Each one should be as unique as you are. Grab the free printable template for easy crafting.

I bet you’ve never heard of craft flashcards…Of course you haven’t…because I totally made it up 🙂 As a pediatric Occupational Therapist, I’ve witnessed kids struggle to complete multi-step activities. So, I came up with this brilliant (if I do say myself) way to break down crafts into bite-sized pieces in the form of flashcards.

These are especially perfect for those kiddos who have limited attention spans.

Crafts are such a great developmental tool for kids (improves motor planning, attention span, executive functioning, fine motor skills, language development and more), and using flashcards makes planning crafts for your kids to enjoy even easier.

Just print out a few of your favorites onto cardstock, cut them into the cards with a hole in the corner and place them on a keyring that you can connect to your craft supply bag (which you can fill using our master list of supplies that we stick to for every single one of the projects in the flashcard collection). It’s so simple.

And the best part is that there’s not a screen in sight. Technology is such a great thing, but it’s also nice to take a break from it once in awhile and let the brain explore in other ways. Click the image to learn more about our collection of 100 Craft Flashcards for Kids.

Fun Facts…

  • Michelangelo once created a work of art snowman.
  • The famous artist, Michelangelo Buonarroti, was known to have created a beautiful snowman, but there is no record as to exactly what it looked like.
  • Building a snowman takes a lot of energy and can burn around 238 calories.
  • The town of Sapparo, Japan holds the world record for most snowmen, making 12,379 in 2003, which outnumbered the amount of people in the town.
  • Maine hosted the world’s largest snow woman, measuring 122 feet tall and using 13 million pounds of snow. They named her Olypmia.

For more interesting facts about snowmen, check out this article by Kiddle.

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Easy Paper Snowman Craft for Kids

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How to make a Fun Snowman Craft

You don’t have to have snow on the ground to make an adorable snowman craft. Sometimes it’s even more fun to have a “snow day” when the sun’s shining bright outside. And don’t limit the creativity. Maybe your snowman is rainbow colored, each circle a different color instead of white.


When a task is easy and fun you want to do it over and over again, and that’s how it should be when crafting with your kids. So, we keep things simple here and decrease your prep by sticking to the same master list of basic supplies that fit into one bag for every single creative project you see here. Just fill your bag and craft along.


Step 1: Use the Snowman Template

  • Download the snowman craft templates.
  • there is a set of small circles for the head and a set of slightly larger circles for the body of your snowman.
  • You can print them directly onto white construction paper or cardstock and cut them out or print onto regular printer paper and use it as a template.
Paper Snowman Craft Step 1 Snowman Craft Template

Step 2: Put Together the Circles

  • Fold each of the circles in half.
  • Take the 3 of the larger circles first
  • Glue one of the sides and stack another half on top. Repeat this and add the third circle glued on top.
  • Do this again with the other 3 larger circles.
  • Now repeat this process with 3 of the small circles. And again with the final 3.

*Once finished you should have 4 sets of circles glued together like below.

Snowman craft step 2

Step 3: Add the Details

  • Take one of your glue together sets of 3 circles of the smaller circles ad draw the face onto your snowman.
  • Now take one of the sets of your larger circles and add buttons or any other details you would like using your markers.
Snowman Craft for Kids Step 3

Step 4: Make Your Tassel

  • Cut a square of “cardboard” from a paper plate about 5×5 inches.
  • Wrap some white yarn around the cardboard square approximately 30 times.
  • Slide a longer piece of yarn, about 2 feet long, under the wrapped yarn.
  • Wrap that piece of yarn around the cluster and tie a tight double knot.
  • Now slide the cluster off of the cardboard square.
  • Cut another piece of yarn about 6 to 8 inches long and place it just below the tied off top.
  • Wrap it around and tie a tight double knot.
  • Now snip the yarn at the bottom of the tassel and trim it so that the bottom is even.
Yarn Tassle

Check Out the Video Tutorial for How to Make a Tassle

Step 5: Put Together Your Snowman Craft

  • Layer a small and large set of the circles on top of each other with the back facing up.
  • Cover the back of each with your glue stick.
  • Lay the long hanger of the tassel right on top in the center of the circles.
  • Sandwich the other circles on top and press firmly so that the glue takes hold.
  • Give the glue some time to dry.
Snowman Craft for Kids Step 5

What type of paper to use

We’re using white construction paper here because that is what we always keep in our craft supply bag. However, you can use whatever kind of paper you have on hand, including regular printer paper, cardstock or scrapbook paper. And feel free not to stick to plan colors. You can use patterns too.

What can I do with this snowman craft?

This snowman craft can be used as a decoration in a room or just for the sake of making it. You can also add some Christmas flourishes to turn it into a Christmas ornament. Cut a plate into a spiral and then attach several of these snowman going down the spiral to make a fun and simple mobile.

What adhesive should I use?

A nice and sticky glue stick is perfect for this project. Using a white school glue tends to warp the paper and isn’t the best choice for this paper project.

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Easy Snowman Craft for Kids
Snowman Craft for Kids
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