Picnic Craft for Toddlers

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This picnic craft for toddlers goes together quickly and is fun to make. The best is that when you are finished making it, you can use it to enjoy a summer snack. We picked raisins for our snack because they reminded us of little ants, like every good picnic has. But you can choose your favorite snack to use.

If you enjoy making crafts with your toddler, try this paper plate pig craft or this butterfly craft where we squish the paint.

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Picnic Craft for Toddlers

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  • Paper plate (9-inch coated)
  • Crayons
  • Black marker
  • Washi tape (red or red patterned)
  • A snack like raisins

For toddler crafts, the few supplies the better. It’s best to keep things simple. And, of course, this brief list is made up of supplies that are part of the master list that we use for every single creative project here at In the Bag Kids’ Crafts and in our SHOP. Once you fill your bag using our printable master list, you can make anything that you see here without any additional prep or a trip to the store for the missing “ingredient”. Now you’ll actually be able to find the time to make things with your kids…what are you waiting for?

How to make a picnic craft for toddlers

Step 1: Color the Scene

  • Pull out your 9-inch paper plate and draw a large square in the center.
  • Outline it with a dark marker, like a black sharpie
  • Around that square, color grass and flowers and anything else you would see around a picnic blanket.
picnic craft for toddlers step 1

Step 2: Decorate the Picnic Blanket

  • Now that you’re colored the scene around the picnic blanket, it’s time to decorate the blanket too.
  • Use washi tape in any pattern you like to decorate your picnic craft. We used red gingham washi tape and placed it in a hatch cross pattern.
picnic craft for toddlers step 2

Washi tape is one of my absolute favorite things to use in crafts for toddlers. It’s easy to tear and great for working on fine motor skills. It comes in every design and color you can imagine for an extremely low price too. Pick it up at your local craft store or pick up this collection that we found on Amazon.

Step 3: Have a Summer Snack

  • Now use your newly created picnic craft for toddlers at snack time!
  • Our snack was raisins so that they look like little ants crawling across your picnic scene, but you can also use fruit snacks, blueberries or ther fruit, yogurt dots or anything you enjoy.

Save this Summer Craft for Toddlers for later. Pin it to your favorite Pinterest board…

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