Thanksgiving Placemat (FREE Printable)

Thanksgiving Placemat Printable
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This printable Thanksgiving placemat is perfect for keeping the little ones busy while you get dinner on the table. They’ll have fun while you’re making that amazing feast…so that the kids can eat just the dinner rolls. It’s the thought that matters. You are such a good mom. At least you’ll have all of those dirty dishes as a reminder of the festivities. Print LOTS of placemats.

If you like this Thanksgiving placemat, you’re also going to love making this turkey craft, this gratitude paper chain and these Thanksgiving coloring pages.

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Nourish Your Relationship with Your Kids as You Craft Together all Year Long…

Fun Facts about Thanksgiving

  • Americans eat 704 million pounds of turkey every Thanksgiving
  • Lots of Americans go to the movies on Thanksgiving. The movie “Frozen” had the biggest Thanksgiving day opening of all time.
  • “Jingle Bells” was originally a Thanksgiving song.
  • The first Thanksgiving lasted 3 days.
  • About 50 million people watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade each year.

To learn more about Thanksgiving and its traditions, check out this article from Good Housekeeping.

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Once you print out the Thanksgiving placemat, you have everything else that you need to create with it from the items in your bag. The things on our master list of basic craft supplies are so versatile. We use them to make everything that you see here…hundreds of crafts and counting.

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Thanksgiving Placemat Printable

How to make a Thanksgiving Placemat Craft

Step 1: Print the Thanksgiving Placemat Printable

  • Download and print the free Thanksgiving placemat printable.
  • Be sure to print on both sides. And printing on cardstock is best.
  • Print out enough for all of the kids that will be at your Thanksgiving feast.
Thanksgiving Placemat Craft step 1

Step 2: Color It

  • Use crayons or markers to color the front of your placemat.
  • You can draw the perfect Thanksgiving dinner on your plate or go on to the next step to take it up a notch.
  • Turn your placemat over and play the games with your family.
Thanksgiving Placemat Printable

Step 3 (Optional): Amp Up the Creativity

  • Create a dinner on your plate from the things in your craft bag. Here are some ideas for using the items in your bag to get you started…
    • Hole punch green for peas
    • Hole punch yellow for corn
    • Cut little strips of green paper for green beans
    • Fluff up cotton for mashed potatoes with a yellow paper square on top for butter
    • Squish a brown paper bag with a popsicle stick out the end for a turkey drumstick
    • Green pompoms for brussel sprouts or peas, depending on the size
    • White pompoms for pearl onions
    • Yellow beads for corn
    • Green beads for peas
    • Orange beads for carrots
    • Mix them together for mixed veggies
    • Brown tissue paper for gravy
    • Cut construction paper for any food you want
Thanksgiving Craft Placemat for Kids

Now that you know how to make this Thanksgiving placemat craft, print out even more. There’s no rule that says you can only make one, and you definitely want to have enough for all of the kids that come to visit over the holiday. I know that I will.

Here’s another activity for kids on Thanksgiving. Check out this video…

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Thanksgiving Activity for Kids Placemat
Thanksgiving Placemat Printable
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