Cruella Craft for Kids

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“Cruella De Vil, Cruella De Vil, If she doesn’t scare you, no evil thing will…” I know that you are singing the song in your head. Because you just HAVE to sing the song. This Cruella craft is so fun to make and comes with a free template to get you started with the face shape. From there, make it your own. We are using crumpled tissue paper for Cruella’s iconic black and white hair.

This Cruella craft pairs great with the Dalmatian craft that we just released too. Make them together and tell the story…or make up your own story…even more fun. 101 Dalmatians is a classic Disney movie, but maybe your version will be even better. Can’t wait to hear what you come up with!

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It is our mission to make crafting with your kids totally do-able, even when life is hectic. We believe so much in the benefits of creating together as a family, but we know that it can be difficult to find the time with everything else that life demands. So, we take a unique approach by sticking to a master list of 27 basic craft supplies that we use for every single project on this site.

The items on the list are inexpensive, versatile and fit into one bag. What that means for you is that once your bag is filled, you are ready to go…for hundreds of crafts! Seriously. Just browse around the site. I’m sure you will find something that your kids will love, and you are already all set to make it…Less prep, less mess!

Step 1: Paint the Paper Plate

  • Lay out some newspaper on your work surface.
  • Then place the paper plate on the newspaper, with the bottom facing up.
  • Pinch the pompom with the clothespin to make your “paint brush”.
  • Next, squeeze out a little flesh toned paint in the corner.
  • Paint the paper plate, leaving the top inch or so unpainted. The hair is going to cover that part anyway.
  • Finally, set the plate aside to give the paint some time to dry. This should not take very long.

Step 2: Use the Craft Template

  • Now the the paint has dried on your paper plate, print out the Cruella craft template.
  • Use the template to cut out the Disney villain’s face.
  • Then use the template to cut her mouth out of a scrap of red construction paper.
  • At this point you can also cut 2 circles, about an inch wide, out of green construction paper. This is not on the template but just make basic circles that will be Cruella’s earrings.

Step 3: Give Cruella De Vil Some Hair

  • Lightly pencil where you want the hair to be on your Cruella craft.
  • Then fill in the sections using the black and white tissue paper squares, crumpling them a little as you put the in place.
  • Make layers and keep adding crumpled tissue paper squares until the hair looks how you want it to. It should be shaggy and messy and go over the edge of the plate.

Step 4: Time to Draw a Disney Villain Face

  • It’s time to draw on Cruella’s face. This does not need to be fancy.
  • First use the pencil to draw the eyebrows, eyes and nose until they look like you want them to.
  • Then go over the lines you have drawn with the black Sharpie marker.
  • Erase any excess pencil marks that are showing.

*We opted for a simpler face with her eyes and mouth closed. If you are more artistic, feel free to make her wide crazy eyes and open mouth with shiny white teeth. It is totally up to you how you want her expression to look.


Step 5: Add Some Details to Your Cruella De Vil Art

  • It’s time to add the final details to our Disney craft.
  • Use the glue stick to put her earrings and mouth in place.
  • Then add a little bit of green eye shadow with the green crayon.
  • As a last step, draw the lip line in place.
  • She doesn’t look so evil after all 🙂

Now that you know how to make Cruella De Vil, maybe we should try some other Disney villains. The princesses and princes always get all of the attention, but the villains can be so much fun to make! We would love to feature any of your creations on our Instagram page. The important thing is to just have fun with this paper plate craft. It doesn’t need to be perfect or look exactly like the pictures here. Just enjoy the process.

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Save this Disney Craft for later. Pin it to your favorite Pinterest board…

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