Thanksgiving Turkey Kids Craft

Thanksgiving Turkey Kids' Craft
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As a craft blogger, it would almost be a sin not to make at least one turkey during the Thanksgiving holiday season. So, I hope that you enjoy this Thanksgiving Turkey Kids Craft. Once it is finished, here are a couple of ideas that you can do with it…

  • Make it into a refrigerator magnet
  • Tape or glue a pipe cleaner (or ribbon) onto the back so that you can wrap around cups, bowls or other dishes on your thanksgiving table.
  • Again with the pipe cleaner attached to the back…twist the pipe cleaner around a napkin to use as the napkin ring
  • Make one for each person coming to Thanksgiving dinner and write the name on the bottom of the turkey. Then place each one at a place setting for a favor to take home at the end of the feast.

I would love to hear what ideas you have. Send pics, stories and videos to


  • 12 Clothespins
  • 4 Small pompoms
  • 4 Colors of paint (in fall colors)
  • Newspaper
  • Brown construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Medium brown pompom
  • Elmer’s glue
  • 2 Small googly eyes
  • Scraps of yellow and red construction paper

I have a bit of good news for you…If you take just a little bit of time now to prepare your craft kit today, you will have something ready to keep those little ones busy during Thanksgiving break! And I promise, the list is not very long, and more than half of the items you probably already have in your house right now! Once your kit is together, you are ready to craft any time because every single project on this blog is made from that finite list of items. Even better, they all fit into one bag so that clean up and storage is simple! Find out what to put in your craft bag…get your free printable list!

Step 1

  • Pull apart 8 of the clothespins and place them on the newspaper
  • Squeeze out small amounts of each of the paint onto the newspaper
  • Pinch each of the small pompoms with a clothespin to form “paint brushes”
  • Separate the clothespin halves into 4 equal groups and paint each one a separate color
  • Allow the paint to thorougly dry
  • *Yes, this step will be a little messy. So, be prepared with wet wipes or damp paper towels to clean as you go.
Turkey step 1
Turkey step 1

Step 2

  • Cut a circle from the brown construction paper, approximately 2 inches across
  • Arrange the painted clothespins into a semi-circle as pictured. Noticed that the middle color is doubled and placed back to back and then the colors fan out in a pattern.
  • Then, glue the brown paper circle onto the painted clothespins. Be sure to get glue on all of the clothespins so that they aty together.
  • Last, glue the brown pompom onto the brown paper circle. This is the head of the turkey.
Turkey step 2
Turkey step 2

Step 3

  • First, cut a beak from the scrap of yellow paper and a wattle from the red paper
  • Then, glue the beak and wattle in place
  • Last, glue on the googly eyes
  • Allow all of the glue to dry thoroughly
thanksgiving turkey step 3
thanksgiving turkey step 3

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Thanksgiving Turkey Kids Craft
Thanksgiving Turkey Kids Craft
thanksgiving turkey
Thanksgiving Turkey
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