Easy Paper Bunny Craft for Kids (FREE Template)

paper bunny craft for kids
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This adorable and easy paper bunny craft starts with a free bunny template. Just download it and print it out, and you’re ready to go. Then glue the pieces together and form the bunny into an accordion so that he can jump with glee. We’ll walk you through it step by step.

This is such a fun craft and perfect craft for kids of all ages, though you may want to pre-cut the pieces for little ones. Add some creativity with whatever details you’d like. It makes the perfect Spring craft or easy Easter craft. Pair it with other Easter crafts like this Easter basket, this baby chick craft or these little bunnies.

I bet you’ve never heard of craft flashcards…Of course you haven’t…because I totally made it up 🙂 As a pediatric Occupational Therapist, I’ve witnessed kids struggle to complete multi-step activities. So, I came up with this brilliant (if I do say myself) way to break down crafts into bite-sized pieces in the form of flashcards.

These are especially perfect for those kiddos who have limited attention spans.

Crafts are such a great developmental tool for kids (improves motor planning, attention span, executive functioning, fine motor skills, language development and more), and using flashcards makes planning crafts for your kids to enjoy even easier.

Just print out a few of your favorites onto cardstock, cut them into the cards with a hole in the corner and place them on a keyring that you can connect to your craft supply bag (which you can fill using our master list of supplies that we stick to for every single one of the projects in the flashcard collection). It’s so simple.

And the best part is that there’s not a screen in sight. Technology is such a great thing, but it’s also nice to take a break from it once in awhile and let the brain explore in other ways. Click the image to learn more about our collection of 100 Craft Flashcards for Kids.

Fun Facts About Bunnies

  • Rabbits are social animals and are lonely without another bunny.
  • They have masterful hearing and can turn their ears to hear in 180 degrees.
  • Baby rabbits are called ‘kittens’.
  • When a bunny is happy it lets you know by hopping in the air, twisting its body, and kicking its feet.
  • Rabbits purr when they’re happy.

For more interesting facts about rabbits, check out this article from National Geographic Kids.

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paper bunny craft for kids

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How to make an Easy Bunny Craft

Paper crafts are so much fun to create because they leave lots of room for imagination. These instructions are meant to be a starting place. Add you own touches and really make it your own. Color the bunny or used patterned papers. Add some washi tape, cotton balls or stickers.


To make crafting with your kids actually do-able, we stick to a list of basic supplies that fit into one bag for all of the crafts that you see on this site. We never stray from the master list so that once you fill your bag, you’re ready to craft along over and over again, even when time and money is tight.

Check Out the Video Tutorial for this Cute Bunny Craft:


Step 1: Use the Rabbit Template

  • Grab the free bunny template and print it out. You can print it directly onto white construction paper if you choose or use it as a template.
  • Cut out all of the parts for your bunny craft (there are 3 pdfs for this paper craft).
paper bunny craft for kids step 1

Step 2: Glue It Together

  • Line up the parts of your bunny that you cut out in the previous step, starting with the bunny’s head and ending with the bunny’s tail.
  • Use your glue stick to stick the parts together, pressing firmly so that the glue adheres.

*Tip: If you printed directly onto paper and then cut out the parts, flip them over so that the black outline doesn’t show on your finished craft.

Paper Bunny craft step 2

Step 3: Create the Accordion Folds

  • Fold your bunn craft in half.
  • Then continue to fold, creating accordion folds about 1/2 wide until the enter center section of your adorable bunny craft is folded.
paper bunny craft step 3
paper bunny craft step 3

Step 4: Draw on Some Details

  • Use your marker to create the bunny’s face. You can use googly eyes if you choose.
  • Then make marks on the bunny ears.
  • We also made little marks on the bunny’s feet and all around the body for some definition.
paper rabbit craft step 4

Can I Use Other Types of Paper?

We’re using white construction paper because that’s a supply that we always keep in our craft bag. But other types of paper would also work. Create this DIY paper rabbit craft from regular printer paper, cardstock, newspaper or scrapbook paper. You can even choose a pattern instead of plain white for a different kind of look.

Are These Easter Bunny Crafts

Really any bunny craft can be turned into an Easter bunny. Just make him white. If you wanted to go the extra step, give him a little top hat and create a basket of eggs for him to carry. It would be a great way to decorate for Easter.

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Paper Rabbit Craft for Kids
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