Hockey Craft Player Puppet (FREE Template)

hockey craft player puppet with free template
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This paper bag hockey puppet turns your favorite player into an interactive craft. You can use the free craft template as a starting point. Then use your favorite team colors and add whatever details you like to really make this fun hockey craft player puppet. Of course, you’re going to make more than one so that you can put on a puppet show with the entire team.

When my oldest son was a preschooler, he had imaginary friends. But these weren’t just made up anybodies. Instead, he chose his favorite sports characters from across different sports to be his friends. There were times when they were life-sized or bigger and other times when they could fit in the palm of your hand. It was adorable. One of his “imaginary” friends was the ultimate hockey player…Wayne Gretzky.

If you like this craft, you’re also going to love making this DIY hockey game, these ice skates, this football player puppet or this basebll player puppet.

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Fun Facts about the NHL

  • Pucks are kept on ice, and about 12 are used per game since they thaw out.
  • The first pucks were made of cow dung.
  • Red Wings throw octopus on the ice to celebrate.
  • The Anaheim Ducks got their name from a Disney movie.
  • When a team wins the Stanley cup in the finals, each player gets to keep it for 24 hours. They often use it as a snack bowl.
  • Players aren’t required to use mouth guards and often have teeth knocked out.

To learn more interesting facts about hockey, check out this article from Kiddle.

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hockey craft player puppet

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Do you wish that you could find more time to craft with your kids? Well…we have the solution. Prep once by using our master list of craft supplies to fill your bag, and you’re ready to make everything that you see here. It could not be simpler.

How to make a Hockey Craft Player Puppet

Step 1: Use the Hockey Craft Template

  • Print the free hockey craft template.
  • Use it to cut out all of the parts for your hockey player puppet from whatever colors of construction paper you like.

*The mask can be a little bit challenging. We folded it in half to cut the sections out in the center. Then repeated that process on each side. It does not need to be perfect to work.

hockey craft player puppet step 1

Step 2: Make the Face

  • Add the eyes to your hockey player’s face. You can use googly eyes or print and cut out eyes from our free paper eyes printble.
  • Use your markers to add the mouth and nose and any other details you would like to the face.

Step 3: Start the Assembling

  • With the opening of the paper lunch bag on the bottom, start by gluing on the rectangle from the template for the body of the hockey player, tucking it under the flap.
  • Then add the head and helmet to the flap of the bag.
hockey craft player puppet step 3

Step 4: Helmet and Emblem

  • Place glue on the top of the helmet cage and a little bit on the sides and attach it to the helmet. It looks best if you leave the part over the face without glue, even coming slightly away from the puppet.
  • Then take the circle that you cut out from the hockey player template and draw your favorite team’s emblem or just a number using your markers.
  • Glue it to the front of the player’s jersey.
hockey player puppet step 4

Step 5: Finish Off Your Ice Hockey Craft

  • Glue the hands onto the end of each arm.
  • Then put the arms in place by just gluing them at the shoulder.
  • Now place the hockey stick in your player’s hands and secure with a little bit of glue.
  • Use your markers to add any other details you would like.
hockey craft player puppet step 5

Now that you know how to make this hockey player puppet, don’t stop at just one. He needs some teammates and maybe some oponents to play too. Then put on a puppet show.

Enjoy this hockey story “Henry Holton Takes the Ice” by Sandra Bradley

Read by Ray Romano

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hockey craft for kids paper bag puppet hockey player
hockey player craft puppet
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