Fun Fall Activities for Kids Paper Chain

fun fall activities for kids paper chain
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I love this idea of planning fun fall activities for kids using a paper chain. Put the links together as a family and talk about all of the fun things you want to do during the Autumn months, when the weather is just absolutely perfect for so many fun things. Then as the days go by, tear links off of your chain and complete the tasks. It can be something as simple as watching a movie while eating caramel popcorn or as extra as taking a trip somewhere to see the beautiful fall leaves.

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Fun Fall Activities for Kids paper chain

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Have you ever wished tha tyou had more time to craft with your kids, but time just seems to pass you by? I get it, but it’s time to put a stop to it. With our easy system, there can be no more excuses. I mean, you and I both know that importance of getting away from screens and doing something creative, both for the mind and body. It’s sooo important.

But I hear you…how in the world are you supposed to find the time? Easy…just fill your bag using our master list of craft supplies that we stick to for every single craft that we make here. Once your bag is filled, you’re ready to go. Have a few minutes after you put the chicken in the air fryer? CRAFT! Looking for a way to brings your kids to a more calm state after the chaos of school? CRAFT! Happen to have a cancellation in your hectic schedule? CRAFT! You will be so glad that you did. Trust me!

How to Make a Fun Fall Activities for Kids Paper Chain

Step 1: Cut the Strips

  • Cut strips of yellow, orange and white construction paper, about 1″ wide each. *Be careful not to cut them too wide or they won’t make a good chain.
  • Make equal amounts of each color so that your chain can alternate, imitating the colors of candy corn.
fun fall activities for kids paper chain step 1

Step 2: Decide on Fall Activities to Try

  • Decide what activities you want to do as a family during the Fall months.
  • Use your markers to write one activity on each strip of paper.
  • If you are someone who needs a little more structure and time for planning, put dates on the other side of the paper strips and make yourself a list of when the various activities are to happen to help with planning.

You can get our full printable list of 50 fun things to do during the fall by following this link. Here are just a few fun fall activities for kids ideas to get you started:

  • Design your own caramel apples (or caramel apple slices on a stick if you prefer)
  • Tell “spooky” stories
  • Jump in the leaves
  • Contribute some items to a food bank
  • Go to the library and find fall or Halloween themed books
  • Paint fall scenes on leaves
  • And, of course, make a fall craft

Step 3: Put the Paper Chain Together

  • Make a loop with one of the strips of paper, with the activity idea on the inside.
  • Secure the loop closed with a staple (or a glue stick if you prefer).
  • Lace a second paper strips through the first loop.
  • Also form it into a circle and secure it closed with a staple. This is the second link in your paper chain.
  • Continue this process, alternating colors going yellow, white, orange, until you have used up all of your paper strips.

Step 4: Spend Quality Family Time Together

  • Hang the paper chain somewhere in the house that everyone can see it.
  • Tear links off of your paper chain any time you want to participate in a fall activity together as a family.
  • Keep pulling links from the chain until all of the fall activities have been completed.

Now that you know how to make this fun fall activities for kids paper chain, it’s time to put it into action. Get together and make the chain. Then it’s up to the grown ups to gather the supplies for the activities so that you have them on hand, ready to go when that link is taken off the chain. Be prepared for loads of Autumn fun as a family! How long will your chain be?

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fall activities for kids paper chain craft
fall craft for kids paper chain with activity ideas for kids
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