Unicorn Kids Craft

unicorn kids craft
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I know that parents aren’t supposed to have a favorite child, but that is what this feels like. All of my crafts are special just as they are, but this one is extra special. (Don’t tell the others.) And somehow I think that you might agree with me on this. At the very least, every little girl should have one of these unicorn notebooks to write down their thoughts or to draw pictures. I hope you will love this unicorn kids craft as much as I do!


  • 2 Paper plates (9 inch coated)
  • Markers
  • Pencil
  • Black Sharpie
  • Scissors
  • Squares of construction paper in various colors
  • White yarn
  • Hole punch
  • Googly eye
  • Washi tape
  • Elmer’s glue

*If you are new around here and have not yet filled your bag so that you can craft along, let me tell you how it works. Go to the “fill your bag” page for a list of supplies to keep on hand. Build your kit, and you will be able to craft with your kids at the drop of a hat because we have done all of the heavy lifting. Every single craft on this site can be made from the items on the list. You will never be in the middle of a project and find that you do not have an “ingredient”.

Please note that this is an intermediate advanced craft, more appropriate for kids ages 8 or older. It requires well developed fine motor skills and the ability to cut more complex shapes with precision. If your kiddo has not yet developed these skills, but you really want to make this together, help your little one with the steps that are more challenging. Or make the unicorn notebook entirely and allow your kiddo to go crazy enjoying scribbling, drawing, writing, etc. inside. This cute little notebook may be just the motivation that they need to show an interest in these activities.

Step 1

  • Draw a Unicorn head onto one of the paper plates.
  • You can do this as pictured or just draw a heart, with the point as the ear and rounded areas as the nose and neck.
unicorn kids craft step 1
unicorn kids craft step 1

You can also download and print this template for your project.

Step 2

  • Cut out the unicorn head from the first paper plate.
  • Trace the form onto the second paper plate and cut that one out also.
  • Repeat this process and trace the unicorn head onto 8-10 varied colored pieces of construction paper
unicorn notebook step 2
unicorn kids craft step 2

Step 3

  • Use the hole punch to punch holes down the mane area of the unicorn on one of the unicorns cut from the paper plates
  • Use this as a template to punch holes into the colored pages (2-3 at a time) and the back page (other paper plate unicorn head)
  • Punch 2 holes on only the cover of the notebook in front of the unicorn’s ear
unicorn kids craft step 3
unicorn notebook step 3
unicorn notebook step 3
unicorn notebook step 3

Step 4

  • Cut small pieces of white yarn approximately 2 inches long, enough for each hole
  • Use these to bind the book together as follows
    • Fold a piece of yarn in half
    • Put the loop through a hole
    • Feed the ends of the yarn through the loop
  • Also place yarn through the 2 holes in front of the ear in the same fashion
  • Trim the yarn to the desired mane length and unravel the yarn
unicorn kids craft step 4
unicorn notebook step 4
unicorn notebook step 4
unicorn notebook step 4

Step 5

  • Decorate the cover by doing the following
    • Cut a small, thin triangle and cover is with washi tape to make the unicorn’s horn
    • Glue on the googly eye
    • Using colorful markers draw on nostrils, mouth and eye lashes
    • Add other embellishments as desired. The collar on this unicorn was made by punching little circles out of glittery washi tape and lining them up on the unicorn’s neck.
unicorn kids craft
unicorn kids craft

The best thing about this little project is that, when you are finished, you get to use it to write little notes. And, truth be told, even though this is a kids’ craft, since I finished the sample it has been kept in my purse for keeping track of “to do” lists. It is just so darn cute! For what will you use your unicorn rainbow notebook?

If you love this unicorn kids craft (and others on this blog), please pin away! Thanks in advance!

unicorn kids craft notebook
unicorn notebook kids craft
unicorn kids craft
unicorn notebook
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