Cloud Craft for Kids (So Simple!)

cloud craft for kids
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This simple cloud craft leaves lots of room for imagination. Have you ever gone cloud watching with your family? It’s so relaxing and fun. This easy craft imitates that activity but puts it into a paper and paint form. Just make the cloud by tapping paint on the page. Then look close to find a picture in the clouds.

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Fun Facts about Clouds

  • Clouds are a collection of water droplets, ice crystals and other particles.
  • They are not weightless and can weigh more than a million pounds
  • They produce preciptation like rain, sleet, snow and hail.
  • There are 10 common types of clouds in the sky.
  • Cumulus clouds are what people use when doing cloud spotting or cloud watching.
  • Stratus clouds are sometimes responsible for creating fog.

If you’d like to know more about clouds, check out this article by Facts Just for Kids.

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  • Newspaper
  • Paper plate
  • Construction paper (blue)
  • Black Sharpie marker
  • White paint
  • Silver or gray paint (optional)

This cloud craft takes just a few basic supplies, and you already have them on hand if you’ve used our master list to fill your kids’ craft bag. There’s absolutely nothing holding you back from making crafts with your kids when you use our simple system to make it a habit for your family.

Combine Reading with Crafting

Our favorite way to elevate the crafting experience is to combine it with reading a good book and learning something new. Here are some of our favorite books the feature clouds.

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cloud craft for kids

How to make a Cloud Craft

Step 1: Paint the Cloud

  • Choose a blue piece of construction paper in whatever shade you like.
  • Squeeze out some white paint onto a paper plate, along with some silver paint.
  • Scrunch up a piece of newspaper.
  • Use the scrunched up newspaper to tap paint a cloud in whatever shape you want.
  • Add some highlights to your cloud with the silver paint.

Step 2: Make It Into a Character

  • Once the paint has dried (and it won’t take long), take a look at your cloud formation and decide what you want to make it into.
  • Use your black Sharpie marker to draw a figure in the clouds.

Now that you know how to make this cloud craft…make more. It’s so fun to see what pictures you can find in the clouds. Another thing that you can do is fold a piece of construction paper in half and create a card. Then paint a cloud on the front of your card and make it into a character.

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cloud craft for kids
cloud craft for kids
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