Tennis Craft Player Puppet (with FREE Template)

Tennis Craft for Kids Paper Bag Puppet
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This paper bag tennis craft puppet turns your favorite player (or yourself) into an interactive craft. It leads to hours of creative play. Use the free craft template as a starting point for easy crafting. Customize your puppet with unique colors and choose a hair design from the templates provided (or make your own). Of course, you’re going to want to make more than one so that you can put on a puppet show or a tennis match.

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Fun Facts about Tennis

  • The modern game of tennis was created in the late 19th century by Major Walter Clopton Wingfield.
  • The first Wimbledon was played in 1877. It is also the first of the four “Grand Slams” to be founded.
  • A player is said to have won a Career Grand Slam if they win all four majors at any time during their career
  • Instead of saying “zero” in the score for tennis, say “love”.
  • The longest tennis match took 11 hours and 5 minutes to complete. It was played between John Isner and Nicolas Mahut over a period of 3 days in 2010.

To learn more interesting facts about tennis, check out this article from Kiddle.

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Tennis Craft Paper Bag Puppet for Kids

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Do you wish that you could find more time to craft with your kids? Well…we have the solution. Prep once by using our master list of craft supplies to fill your bag, and you’re ready to make everything that you see here. It could not be simpler.

How to make a Tennis Puppet Craft

Step 1: Use the Tennis Craft Template

  • Print the free tennis craft template.
  • Use it to cut out all of the parts for your tennis player puppet from whatever colors of construction paper you like.
  • Leave your tennis player bald or choose one of the hair designs from the templates. Or draw on some hair later.
Tennis Craft Puppet Template

Step 2: Make the Face

  • Assemble the parts for the head of your tennis player, including hair (if you choose).
  • Put the visor together and fold up the brim. Then glue it in place.
  • Add the eyes to your tennis player’s face. You can use googly eyes or print and cut out eyes from our free paper eyes printble.
  • Use your markers to add the mouth and nose and any other details you would like to the face.
  • You may also want to cut out some ears (not part of template) and glue them in place, depending on what hair style you chose.
Tennis craft step 2

Step 3: Start Assembling

  • With the opening of the paper lunch bag on the bottom, start by gluing on the rectangle for the tennis uniform from the template in place, tucking it under the flap.
  • Then add the head to the flap of the bag.
Tennis craft puppet step 3

Step 4: Finish Off Your Paper Bag Puppet Craft

  • Glue the hands onto the end of each arm.
  • Add the sleeves to the tops of each arm.
  • Then put the arms in place by gluing them at the shoulder.
  • Now choose accessories, cut them out, assemble and glue in place.
  • Use your markers to add any other details you would like.
Tennis craft for kids puppet step 4

Now that you know how to make this tennis player puppet, don’t stop at just one. She needs some teammates and maybe some oponents to play too. Then put on a puppet show.

Enjoy this reading of “Serena Williams” by Mary Nhin

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Tennis Craft for Kids Paper Bag Puppet
Tennis Player Craft Paper Bag Puppet for Kids
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