Paper Plate Football Craft

Paper Plate Football Craft for Kids
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This paper plate football craft is fun to make and even more fun to use…because when you’re finished you’re left with a pouch that can carry your favorite snacks, toys, craft supplies, treasures…whatever you want. Make the football a traditional color or use your favorite team colors. You can even use these at your next Super Bowl Party and fill them with treats to share.

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Fun Facts about American Football

  • Football was born from a combination of soccer and rugby.
  • A typical field is 360×160 feet.
  • College and professional games last 60 minutes, divided into 4 quarters.
  • The Pittsburgh Steelers have the most Super Bowl wins with six.
  • The longest college football game took place in 2003, between Kentucky and Arkansas…lasting just short of 4 hours with 7 overtime periods.
  • Emmitt Smith gained more yards than any player in history, with more than 18,000 yards over 15 years.

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  • 2 Paper plates (9-inch coated)
  • Brown and white paint (or colors of your choice)
  • Stapler with staples
  • Scissors
  • Single hole punch
  • Pompoms
  • Clothespin
  • Newspaper
  • Q-tips
  • Black Sharpie marker
  • White yarn

This craft takes just a few simple supplies…and they all come from the master list of basic items that we use for every single craft that you see on this site and in our shop. It’s a list of just 27 things that fit into one bag…like a capsule wardrobe, but for kids crafts instead of outfits.

We stick to this list to make your life a little bit easier and to make crafting with your kids actually do-able, even when life is hectic…because creating things with your kids is so worth it! And we want to make it a little easier so that you can have fun together making things more often.

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paper plate football craft for kids

How to make a Paper Plate Football Craft

Step 1: Paint the Plates

  • Lay out some newspaper to limit the painting mess.
  • Place your 2 paper plates on the newspaper, bottom side up.
  • Pinch a pompom with a clothespin to form a “paint brush”.
  • Paint the bottom of each plate brown (or whatever color you like), leaving the top one to two inches unpainted (we’re going to cut this off later).

*If you really don’t want to get the paint out, that’s okay. You can still make this football craft. Just use crayons or markers instead to color your plates.

Paper Plate Football Craft Step 1

Step 2: Cut a Football Shape

  • Once the paint has dried, sandwich the plates together so that the unpainted sides are together.
  • Then cut a curve along the top so that you form a football shape out of your plates.
Paper Plate Football Craft for Kids Step 2

Step 3: Add More Details

  • Now decorate your footballs some more.
  • We got out the white paint, q-tip and smaller pompom for this step, but you can use whatever colors you like.
  • You can add the lacing, curves on each end and even write a message or the number of your favorite player.

*Again, if you don’t want to get out the paint, just use markers or crayons for this step instead.

Paper Plate Football Craft for Kids Step 3

Step 4: Put the Footballs Together

  • Once the paint has dried, it’s time to put the pouch together.
  • Sandwich the football shapes together, leaving an opening between them.
  • Use a stapler to staple all around the outside edge, with the staples about an inch or so apart. It’s most import to make sure your staple it enough that anything you put inside cannot slide out.
Paper Plate Football Craft for Kids Step 4

Step 5: Add a Handle to Your Football Craft

  • To add a handle, first use your hole puch to put a hole on each end of the football pouch.
  • Cut 5 lengths of white yarn, about a yard long each.
  • Gather the strands together and tie a knot in the center to keep them all together.
  • Then add a couple more knots on each side.
  • Next, lace each end through the holes you made and secure in place with another knot.
  • Trim up the ends so that they are even and form a little tassle.
Paper Plate Football Pouch Craft for Kids Step 5

Now that you know how to make this easy paper plate football craft, what will you put inside? It would make a great little gift for your favorite player at the bit game. Put some tissue paper inside and then fill it with candy or other treats. Or keep it for your own treasures.

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paper plate football craft for kids
Football Craft pouch made iwth paper plates
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