15+ Ultimate Sports Crafts for Kids

sports crafts for kids
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As a boy mom, I totally get the obsession that kids have with sports. That’s why I’ve collected some of my favorite sports crafts for kids to share with you and your little ones. This collection of crafts has activities for kids of all ages (yes, even preschoolers and kindergarteners can join in on the fun!). Discover athlete puppets, an ice skate craft, a football puzzle and so much more all in this article.

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Soccer Player Puppet

soccer craft puppet step 4

This Soccer Player Puppet is highly customizable thanks to our printable (and FREE) template. Use the free template to cut out the construction paper and make him look just like your favorite player, your friends, or even you! Read the full tutorial HERE.

When you’re done with your soccer player, don’t stop there, make him some teammates or create some of our other sports puppets like our Hockey Player Puppet, Tennis Player Puppet, or Baseball Plater Puppet.

Hockey Player Puppet

hockey craft player puppet step 5

Hockey is a personal favorite sport in our home. Change the colors of the uniform to reflect your favorite team, or make the player look like you. The only limit is your imagination. You can find the directions HERE.

Tennis Player Puppet

Tennis craft for kids puppet step 4

This Tennis Player Puppet is perfect for hours of interactive play. All you need is our FREE template plus a few items that can be found on our master craft list. Find the full set of instructions HERE.

Baseball Player Puppet

Baseball Craft puppet step 4

If you liked our other sports puppets, you might also like this Baseball Player Puppet. With just a few simple supplies and the FREE template, you can make this simple craft in no time.

Thanks to the printable template, this craft is completely customizable. That means your baseball player could look like you, or your dad or a player from your favorite team (Let’s go Pirates!) Learn how to make this craft HERE.

Basketball Player Puppet

Basketball craft player puppet step 4

If your little one loves basketball, then they will love this Basketball Player Puppet. My favorite part of this craft is that it is completely customizable. That means your puppet can be just as unique as you are! You can find the full set of instructions HERE.

Football Player Puppet

Football Craft Puppet for Kids STEP 4

When my eldest son was a toddler, he had imaginary friends. Instead of made up characters, they would be famous sports stars. His football puppet at that time would probably have been Drew Bledsoe (from the Patriots before the GOAT), Big Ben or Chris Fuamatu-Ma’afala (both from the Steelers).

This Football Player Puppet can be a player from your favorite team, a friend, or even you! The choice is yours. You can read the instructions HERE.

Paper Football Pouch

paper football craft for kids snack pouch

Are you hosting any events this Football season? If so, this craft is perfect to hold gameday snacks. All you need is construction paper, scissors, markers and a glue stick to make this easy craft. You can find the instructions HERE.

Paper Plate Football with Laces


This paper plate football craft is so simple that even preschoolers and kindergarteners can join in in the fun. Perfect to show some spirit for your favorite team! Learn more HERE.

Paper Plate Football Purse

Paper Plate Football Pouch Craft for Kids Step 5

This Paper Plate Football Purse is perfect to stash some pre-game snacks, coins, toys, whatever you like! What will you put in your pouch? You can find the full set of instructions when you visit HERE.

Football Mobile

DIY Football Decotation made from a paper plate

If your little one is a football fan, they will love having this beautiful football mobile hanging in their bed or play room. Customize your mobile with the FREE printable charms and color them with your team colors. Read the full tutorial HERE.

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sports crafts for kids

Football Name Puzzle

football name puzzle step 2

This Football Name Puzzle is perfect for kids of all ages. Not only is it great for improving fine motor skills, but this activity will also help your child learn how to spell. You can learn how to make this simple puzzle when you visit HERE.

Hockey Play Set


Not only is this craft fun to make, it is also fun to play! Once you’re done creating your hockey play set, gather your friends and family to play this interactive game. You can find the instructions when you visit HERE.

Newpaper Soccer Ball


Who said crafting is wasteful? I always keep my newspapers and scraps of paper for fun crafts like this one. Read the full tutorial HERE.

Ice Skates

Ice Skate Craft for Kids

Are you looking for crafts to keep your kids occupied during snow days while still keeping them filled with Winter spirit? Then this Ice Skate craft is for you. Use our FREE printable template to form the base of your very own ice skates. Then follow the directions to make them your own. You can read the full tutorial HERE.

Sports Fan Crafts

DIY Sports Crafts for Kids Penants and Foam Fingers

These Sports Fan Crafts are perfect for everyone, young or old, American or foreign sports, football or tennis fan, everyone can join in on the fun. You can find the full set of directions HERE.

I hope you have enjoyed this collection of my favorite sports crafts for kids. Which one will you and your little ones make? Perhaps one of the puppets, or the ice skate craft. Whichever you choose, I only hope that you make this craft your own.

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