5 Christmas Gifts for Kids to Make

5 Christmas Gifts for Kids to Make

Making gifts from the heart is a time honored tradition in our home. A gift made using your own hands, combined with imagination, is something to be truly cherished. And learning to...
teddy bear gift bag

Teddy Bear Kids’ Craft Gift Bag

I remember having a Care Bears party when I was little. Now, this isn't exactly the same, though who says you have to paint this teddy bear gift bag brown? Why not...
puppy gift bag kids craft

Puppy Gift Bags Easy Kids’ Craft

It's time to get ready for your next kids' party by making these adorable puppy gift bags. Or better yet, make them at the party for all of your young guests to take...
bunny gift bag kids' craft

Bunny Gift Bag Kids’ Craft

Is there anything cuter than a sweet little bunny?...maybe a whole bunch of bunnies! (What is a group of rabbits called anyway? A gaggle, flock, herd? If you know, you deserve a...
kitty gift bag kids craft

Kitty Gift Bag Kids’ Craft

There's no party like a cat party, and these kitty gift bags are just the thing! They are fun and functional. Use them to make at the party as an activity and...