Inspired Paw Patrol Paper Crafts

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When did Paw Patrol come out anyway? It seems like it is one of those classic cartoons that have been around forever. And yet, it is also new and fresh and loved by preschoolers around the globe. These inspired Paw Patrol paper crafts are made from simple paper bags turned into puppets. They are the perfect easy Paw Patrol crafts for preschoolers or any age really…as long as they love these adorable dogs as much as we do. And we have not just created printable templates for 6 Paw Patrol dogs…but 7! (And I know that there are even more, but it’s a good start).

I cannot wait to see what puppet shows you put on with these DIY paper bag puppets. Be sure to make use of the Paw Patrol printable PDF templates to help make each character.

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Craft Flashcards

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  • Construction paper (see below for colors by character)
    • Chase-blue, yellow, light brown, dark brown, black, white, pink
    • Rubble-white, brown, yellow, black
    • Rocky-gray, black, green, white, orange
    • Marshall-white, red, black, yellow
    • Everest-light blue, orange, white, black, aqua
    • Zuma-Orange, dark brown, black, white, blue
    • Skye-light brown, black, white, pink, dark pink
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Paper lunch bag
  • Black Sharpie marker
  • Markers
  • 2 Large googly eyes
  • Paw Patrol craft templates

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These instructions will be for making the Chase Puppet. For the other Paw Patrol characters, you will just change up the base colors and use the correct template for the pieces.

Step 1: Build the Foundation for your Paw Patrol Paper Bag Puppet

  • Place the paper bag in front of you with the opening at the bottom.
  • Cut a piece of blue construction paper the size of the bottom section of your paper lunch bag
  • Glue the construction paper in place.
  • Now, cut another piece of construction paper, light brown this time, to fit on the bottom flap section of your paper lunch bag.
  • Finally glue that piece in place with your glue stick. Now you are ready for the next step of your DIY Paw Patrol craft…

Step 2: Print and Cut Out the Paw Patrol Printable PDFs

  • There is a Paw Patrol printable pdf template for this step, but you can also choose to simple draw the parts you see in the picture if you are crafty like that.
  • Print the template and cut out the parts, tracing them onto the appropriate colors of construction paper and cutting them out…OR draw the pieces and cut them out.
  • *For Chase you will make his face and ears brown, inside the ears pink, nose black, hat blue with a black brim.

If you have little ones that are making this craft that have not yet mastered using scissors, help them with the cutting part. But encourage them to put the pieces together themselves. If they are struggling, show them the picture of the completed project and have them mimic it. If they are still having some difficulty, you may give them options for each piece. For example, would the nose go here or here, pointing to 2 different spots. Giving them two options will help them be more successful, rather than an open ended, “Where does the nose go?” This is a great activity to promote visual perceptual skills.


Special Instructions per Character

Skye: Go over the bottom part of her face with a white crayon

Everest: Use a gray marker to add some detail to the edges of the fur on her face

Rocky: Use your white or gray crayon to add a little bit of detail to the fur on his face

Step 3: Put Together Your DIY Paw Patrol Crafts

  • Once you have cut out the parts of your DIY Paw Patrol craft, glue them into place using a glue stick. Be careful to glue the pieces in a way that allows movement of the flap so that you can make your Paw Patrol puppets move when they are finished.
  • *Also, do not glue down the brim of the hat so that you can fold it up and out for a 3D effect.
  • Use your glue stick to put the 2 large googly eyes in place

Step 4: Add Some Details to Your Paw Patrol Paper Crafts Puppets

  • Get out your markers and black Sharpie and give your dog paper bag puppet some details, like a smile, eye browns, etc. For Marshall, you will want to add his spots on his face and ears.
  • Feel free to add as much detail as you would like to your Paw Patrol fan art project

Step 5: Add Even More Details

  • As you know, there are more details that haven’t yet been added, like your dog’s collar and tags.
  • There is an additional template for these details that you can use to print, cut and trace for each of your Paw Patrol characters. But you can also feel free to make them without the template by drawing and cutting out or drawing on with markers.
  • You may also want to add features that are not on the template, such as a long strip of paper for the jacket “zipper”, or whatever you want! This is your craft. So, make it your own!

Now, let’s put on a Paw Patrol puppet show!

Encourage your kiddos to make up a story with their newly created paper bag puppets. You can even have them write our some dialogue to practice written communication. Or draw out the pictures of each scene like a story board. Put on the production for friends and family (You can do this via zoom). Of course, having the perfect puppet stage takes it up a notch.

Check out Each of the Individual Pups…

These easy DIY Paw Patrol paper crafts are bound to lead to hours of creative play. They would also make great Paw Patrol birthday activities for any themed party. You could have guests make the puppets or have them pre-made and just put on puppet shows together. Doing your party virtually? Make these paper bag puppets and send them out ahead of time so that guests can create stories together via zoom. Should we design more Paw Patrol arts and crafts to enjoy on this site? Just let me know that you loved these, and we will make more fan art!

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Save these Paw Patrol Crafts Ideas for later. Pin it to your favorite Pinterest board…


Happy Crafting!

XO Joy

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