20+ DIY July Crafts and Activities for Kids

July crafts for Kids
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Are you looking for summer themed crafts that will keep you occupied all through the month of July and beyond? Then this list of July crafts is the perfect post for you. Enjoy easy fourth of July crafts, coloring pages, fruit crafts and so much more. Be sure to read to the end to discover all 20+ of them.

Fun Facts about July

  • July is names after the Roman emperor Julius Ceasar.
  • July is the hottest month in many countries.
  • Ruby is July’s birthstone.
  • July is home to many real and quirky holidays including Independence Day, International Tiger Day, World UFO Day and many more.

You can read more fun facts about the month of July when you visit thefactsite.

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July crafts for kids

July Craft Ideas

1. Flag Craft for Kids (It’s a Pouch!!!)

Flag Craft for Kids Paper Plate Pouch (July Crafts)
Flag Craft for Kids

If you live in the U.S. like I do, one of the first things you probably think about when you hear “July” is Independence Day. This flag pouch is the perfect summer (or year-round) craft for Americans of all ages. You can learn how to make this 4th of July craft when you click HERE.

2. Patriotic Kite Kids’ Craft DIY

Fourth of July Crafts
Patriotic Kite Kids’ Craft

In need of more easy 4th of July crafts? Then this kite american flag craft is just what you need. Perfect for the July 4th, Memorial Day and to instill a bit of patriotic spirit in your little ones. Want to read the full set of instructions. Check out our post “Patriotic Kite Kids’ Craft“.

3. Free Fourth of July Coloring Pages

Fourth of July Crafts
Fourth of July Coloring Pages

These free, printable fourth of July coloring pages are perfect for the month of July. Whether you’re trying to keep your preschool or daycare classroom occupied or a mom looking for something fun to put at the kids’ table of your 4th of July party, this is the perfect activity for you. Claim your free 4th of July printables today when you click HERE.

4. Bald Eagle Craft


Keep the patriotic vibes flowing with this fun Bald Eagle Craft. It’s perfect for celebrating the Fourth of July or just as a reminder of the amazing creatures that we need to care for. You can find the full tutorial and free template HERE.

5. Three Scoop Ice Cream Cone Kids’ Craft for National Creative Ice Cream Flavors Day

ice cream cone kids craft
ice cream cone kids craft

Did you know that July 1st is National Creative Ice Cream Flavors Day? You can celebrate this quirky holiday with this ice cream cone craft that is perfect for all skill levels. Click HERE to read the full set of instructions for this easy craft.

6. Beehive Craft {With Paper Bees} for Don’t Step on a Bee Day

Beehive Craft (with Paper Bees)

We get it, bees can be scary, but they also do so much for our wonderful planet. This Don’t Step on a Bee Day, consider letting these winged creatures fly free. You can learn how to make this beehive craft when your read our post “Beehive Craft {With Paper Bees).

7. Easy Bee Craft for Kids for Don’t Step on a Bee Day

Bee Craft

Did you like the last bee craft? Then check out this one! It even has recycled newspaper wings (a great way to not only save the planet but save your wallet as well). Want to read the full set of instructions? Click HERE.

8. Paper Googly Eyes for Different Colored Eyes Day

Printable paper Eyes
Paper Googly Eyes

Did you know that no two eyes are the same? They are one of the many things that makes us unique. These paper googly eyes add a unique touch to any craft. You can get the free printable when you click HERE.

9. Paper Food Crafts for Sidewalk Egg Frying Day


Who would’ve guessed that the 4th of July is not only Independence Day but Sidewalk Egg Frying Day? I need to know how someone discovered that you can fry an egg on a sidewalk on an especially hot day? Did they drop it by accident or was it intention? Either way, HERE is a egg craft made of popsicle sticks inspired by this weird holiday.

10. Flying Dragonfly Craft (FREE Printable)

Dragonfly Craft for Kids and other flying bug crafts

Some people hate summer because of the annoying mosquitoes and drain flies while others love it because of the beautiful dragonflies and butterfies. If you are one of the latter, then these bug crafts are for you! You can learn how to make them when you read our post “Flying Dragonfly Craft (FREE Printable)“.

11. Cloud Craft for Kids (So Simple!)

cloud craft for kids
Watching the Clouds

Are you looking for crafts to unlock the creative side of your kiddo? Then this cloud craft is perfect! Simply have them blotch out a shape with white paint and have them discover a hidden image. What I love most about this craft is there is no one “right” way to do it. It’s entirely up to your little ones to decide what they’ll create. You can read the full set of instructions when you click HERE.

12. Picnic Craft for Toddlers

Picnic Craft

Picnicking is a favorite summer past time that many enjoy with their families. If the weather isn’t cooperating, this picnic craft is a great alternative. Want to learn how to make it? You can click HERE to view the full set of instructions.

13-17. Fruit Art and Craft Collection

Fruit Art and Craft Collection

One of my favorite parts about summertime is the ripe fruit (watermelon is my personal favorite). You can learn how to make this fruit art and craft collection when you click HERE.

18-23. 6 Sea Animal Crafts (with Free Templates)

Ocean Animal Crafts

In need of some more July crafts? Then these sea animals are just what you need! Who knows? You might even see one of these ocean animals this July. Click HERE to learn how to make all six of these July crafts.

24. Awesome Paper Watermelon Craft

Awesome Watermelon Craft

This awesome paper watermelon craft doubles as a mobile that can be hung in your little one’s play or bedroom. The easy-to-read instructions make this craft perfect for kids of all ages. Click HERE to learn how to make this craft.

25. Watermelon Picnic Banner Craft

What’s a picnic without some watermelon? Make this fun and simple banner for your next summer celebration. You can see the full tutorial HERE.

26. Dancing Hot Dog on the BBQ Kids’ Craft

dancing hot dog on a BBQ kids’ craft

BBQs are such a fun part of the summertime. It’s a great opportunity to get together with friends and family. You can learn how to make this dancing hot dog craft when you click HERE.

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July crafts for kids
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