20 Farm Animal Crafts for Kids

Farm Animal Crafts for Kids
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This collection of farm animal crafts are so completely adorable and fun to make. There’s something for everyone on the farm…from horses to pigs to llamas and more. You’re going to want to make the entire barnyard.

And like every craft you’ll find here, we stick to the same master list of supplies to make every single creative project. It’s just 27 basic items that fit into one bag. With this approach, you prep once, and you’re done. Then when you find a moment in your schedule (which I know isn’t often), you’ll be ready to make a craft with the kids.

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Farm animal crafts

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Baby Chick Craft

Chick Craft (FREE Printable)

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Spread the loveThis adorable baby chick craft is fun and simple to make. Use the free printable craft template for even easier crafting. It’s perfect as an Easter craft or a Spring craft and can be enjoyed by kids of any age. Plus, it’s the perfect activity for fine motor fun. If you like this…

Now that you have all of the farm animal craft ideas you could ever want, where will you start?

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20 Farm Animal Crafts
Farm Animal Crafts for Kids