100 Paper Crafts for Kids

Paper Crafts for Kids
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We always keep a generous supply of construction paper in our craft bag, in lots of colors. And these paper crafts for kids are exactly the reason. It’s amazing what you can do with just some paper, scissors, glue and a little bit of imagination. Of course, these paper craft ideas are a great place to start, but I’d love to see what crafts you come up with using construction paper too. Let your imagination run wild!

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Easy Paper Crafts for Kids

All About the Craft Supplies

Like I said, we keep lots of construction paper in our kids’ craft bag. It’s one of the items on our master list of craft supplies that we use to make all of the hundreds of crafts on this site (and in our shop). It’s like having a capsule wardrobe…but for kids’ crafts instead of outfits. With just 27 basic items that fit into one bag, you’ll be amazed at all of the things you can make by just mixing and matching.

Specifically, we keep a variety pack of heavy weight construction paper, which includes both white, brown and black, as well as the primary colors, light blue, pink, and light green. Most variety packs don’t include gray. So, we also added a small pack of gray paper. You’d be surprised how often we use the gray for lots of different animal crafts.

Our Favorite Paper Crafts for Kids

Orca Craft for Kids

Orca Craft (with FREE template)

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Spread the loveThis orca craft is fun and simple to make and takes just a few supplies from your craft bag. Orca whales (aka killer whales) are fascinating sea creatures that often keep us humans in awe of their intelligence and abilities. But they aren’t called “killer” whales for nothing. These majesty animals are truly…

Cupcake Craft for Kids

Cupcake Craft

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Spread the loveThis sweet cupcake craft is a simple printable that you can decorate anyway that you like. It’s a great open-ended craft that leaves lots of room for creativity. Plus, it can easily be used as a letter C craft for preschoolers or toddlers. We’ll talk about that later…so keep reading. And be sure…

Mitten Craft Paper Winter Craft for Kids

Paper Mitten Craft for Kids

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Spread the loveLet’s get right to it…this simple kids’ craft will take about 5 minutes, is great for any age, and leaves plenty of room for imagination. The steps are few, but the results are pleasantly surprising. So, without further ado (yes, I said ado), enjoy this paper mitten craft! Stick around to the end,…

Ice Skate Craft for Kids

Easy Ice Skate Craft for Kids

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Spread the loveIf I’m totally honest, I’m not a fan of winter. But it does have some perks, like sledding, making snowmen, snuggling under cozy warm blankets with a mug of hot cocoa…and ice skating! Of course, in our family, we’re actually at the rink year round since our son plays hockey. (Yes, a mom…

Christmas Elf Craft

Elf Craft

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Spread the loveThis elf craft is just so completely adorable. It starts with a simple paper lunch bag and then becomes a festive elf that you can use as a Christmas decoration or play with, making up all kinds of amazing stories about the journeys he’s been on. There is no limit to the fun…

Hedgehog Craft for Kids

Hedgehog Craft (beyond Cute!)

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Spread the loveThis hedgehog craft is simply the sweetest. You can choose to make it colorful or more traditional muted tones. It’s great as a preschool craft or toddler craft too, and placing the tissue paper squares is the perfect fine motor activity. Of course, kids of any age will enjoy making this adorable animal…

DIY Halloween Cards for kids to make

DIY Halloween Cards

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Spread the loveMaking DIY Halloween cards is not only fun, but then you get to teach your kids about how to think of others when they give it to someone as a special treat (not trick). And this craft project leaves so much room for creativity. I promise you that no two cards will look…

Snowman Name Craft

Snowman Name Craft

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Spread the loveThe best way for kids to learn is through play. This snowman name craft is the perfect winter craft to teach kids both to spell and write their names. You can use it in a classroom full of preschoolers or with your own kids at home. Stick around for a few name writing…


Paper Bat Craft (Process Art!)

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Spread the loveThis paper bat craft is extra special and one of the easiest crafts you will ever make with your kids. We’re going to use a process art technique that I call “squish” painting. It’s also sometimes call warshak painting because it results in designs that are symmetrical like those used for the Warshak…

Easy Penguin Craft for kids made with a paper lunch bag

Penguin Craft for Kids

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Spread the loveThis penguin craft for kids starts with a simple paper lunch bag and turns into such a completely adorable animal craft. It’s the perfect make and play craft. And, of course, penguins are the perfect winter craft, but you can make him any time of the year and enjoy the process. And if…

Printable paper Eyes

Paper Googly Eyes

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Spread the loveIn our bag of craft supplies, we always keep some googly eyes. I am personally a fan of adding this little bit of quirkiness to crafts, but I also know that they’re the only thing on our master list of craft supplies that are not eco friendly. So, I also wanted to give…


Elephant Craft for Kids

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Spread the loveDid you know that elephants are one of the most intelligent animals on the planet. this elephant craft for kids is not only easy to make with the template, but it offers a great opportunity to learn about these special creatures. And since it stands up on its own, make several and put…


Pumpkin Memory Game

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Spread the loveYou are going to love making and playing this pumpkin memory game. In this part of the country, it just beginning to actually feel like fall. I had to turn on the heat in the house last night to avoid freezing solid and pulled out all of my sweaters, which I love! Make…

Christmas Picture Frames

Christmas Picture Frame Crafts

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Spread the loveEvery preschool classroom I go into is looking for simple Christmas crafts for preschoolers to send home for mom and dad to treasure. These easy DIY Christmas picture frames (that can also be made into ornaments) are just the thing! These are the perfect Christmas gifts for kids to make and share. Who…