35+ January Crafts for Kids

January Crafts for Kids | January Craft Ideas for Kids
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January is a favorite month for many – full of holidays, motivation and beautiful snowy scenes. Here are some January crafts for kids to inspired by this wonderful month and some of the goofy holidays that go along with it.

Start the Year Off Strong by Making Crafting with Your Family a Habit to Cherish

Crafts for kids for each week of the year in the form of flashcard sets

Fun Facts About January

  • The month of January is named after the Roman God “Janus”. In Roman Mythology he is the God of doorways, symbolizing the opening of a new year.
  • There are 2 zodiac signs in the month of January – Capricorn and Aquarius.
  • January’s birthstone is Garnet.
  • Carnations are the birth flower of January birthdays.
  • The first immigrants through Ellis Island came on January 1, 1892.

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January Craft Ideas for Kids

1. New Years Paper Plane Craft


Fly into the new year with this simple paper plane craft. With just a few simple supplies from our SUPPLY MASTERLIST, you too can make this fun craft. You can find the full set of instructions HERE.

2. Paper Apples for Apple Gifting Day


Apple Gifting Day (January 1st) is a tradition that spans back hundreds of years. During this unique holiday, people would gift apples (all non-berry fruit were once called apples) to flaunt their wealth. Now, people gift apples on this day as a wish of prosperity in the new year.

Click HERE to make this paper apple craft inspired by Apple Gifting Day.

3. 20+ Hibernation Crafts for the Festival of Sleep Day

Teddy Bear Craft Easy Bear Craft with Free Craft Template

Did you know that January 3rd is Festival of Sleep Day? Celebrate this wacky holiday with these 20+ Hibernation Crafts. Some of the animal crafts you’ll find on this list include; hedgehogs, squirrels, bats and skunks.

4. Bird Nest Craft for National Bird Day


Soon birds will be returning for Spring. Celebrate National Bird Day on January 5th with this personalized bird nest craft. You can find the full set of instructions when you visit HERE.

bird crafts for kids to make

You’re Going to Want to Make EVERY SINGLE Paper Plate Bird Craft in this Collection with Your Kids…

5. Snow Storm Mobile


This snow storm mobile is the perfect craft for these cold winter days. Hang it up in your child’s bedroom or playroom for some simple, self-made decorations. Click HERE to get the free printable cloud template.

6. Paper Plate Earth Craft for Earth’s Rotation Day

Earth Craft for Kids

On January 8, 1851, French physicist Leon Foucault was able to prove that earth spins on an axis through the swinging of a pendulum. Today we celebrate scientists across the world celebrate this momentous occasion.

This paper plate earth craft is perfect for all the little scientists in your life. You can find the instructions when you visit HERE.

7. Resist Painting Activity for National Word Nerd Day


Who said learning how to read and write has to be boring? This resist painting activity is perfect for the blooming word nerds in your life. Celebrate this National Word Nerd Day on January 9th with this fun reading activity.

8. Paper Flower Craft for Houseplant Appreciation Day


Do you have a “plant parent” in your life? Then they’ll love making this paper bag flower craft in honor of Houseplant Appreciation Day (January 10th). Click HERE to learn how to make it for yourself.

9. Winter Animal Coloring Pages


Looking for activities to occupy your little one during the cold winter months? Check out these COZY ANIMAL COLORING PAGES for hours of fun.

10. Ice Cream Sunday Craft National Strawberry Ice-cream Day

Paper Ice Cream Craft Sundae for Kids with Free Ice Cream Craft Template

Did you know that January 15th is National Strawberry Ice Cream Day? Celebrate this January with this easy paper ice-cream sunday craft. Click HERE to find the full set of instructions.

11. Penguin Card for Penguin Awareness Day


Did you know that January 20th is dedicated to these lovable creatures? Celebrate this quirky holiday with this easy paper penguin card.

12. Paper Bag Squirrel for Squirrel Appreciation Day


Though squirrels are seen as a nuisance to many, they are actually quite beneficial to us. Squirrels scatter seeds, bringing diversity to environments. I think that is well deserving of National Squirrel Appreciation Day which is on January 21st. Visit HERE to learn how to make this Paper Bag Squirrel Craft.

13. Paper Plate Cat for Answer your Cat’s Questions Day

Cat Craft for Kids made from paper plates

For thousands of years, cats have been our closest furry friends. That’s why January 22nd is dedicated to answering our cat’s burning questions like why are we gone for 8 hours every single day? Celebrate this unique holiday with this adorable sleeping cat craft.

14. Pumpkin Pie Craft for National Pie Day

pumpkin pie craft for kids

This simple Pumpkin Pie Craft is perfect for the upcoming National Pie Day (January 23rd). With just a few simple supplies which can be found on our SUPPLY MASTERLIST you can make this craft along with hundreds of others on our website. Click HERE to find the full set of instructions.

15. Printable Name Puzzle for National Puzzle Day

Name Puzzle Printable Collection

This puzzle activity is a great activity to not only have fun but help your preschooler or kindergartener learn how to spell their name. Visit HERE to get the FREE printable.

16. Ice Skate Craft

Ice Skate Craft for Kids

As a hockey mom, one of the first things that pop into my head when I think of the cold is ice skates. This easy ice skate craft is the perfect activity for these cold winter days. Want to learn how to make them? Click HERE.

17. Snowman Craft

Snowman Craft made from a paper lunch bag

We can’t talk snowy January winters without a few snowmen, can we? This snowman craft is fun and simple when you use the free craft template. Each one is unique because you get to decide all of the details, just like when you make a real snowman. Learn how to make this snowman craft HERE.

Now you have crafts to keep you busy all January long (and probably beyond)! Crafting together is such an amazing habit to build in the new year. You will be so glad that you did!

Save these January Crafts for Kids for later. Pin them to your favorite Pinterest board…

January Crafts for Kids
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