79 Spring Crafts for Kids

Spring Crafts for Kids
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As the weather turns from ice and snow to rainbows and sunshine, these Spring crafts are the perfect way to spend time together as a family. You know there are going to be lots of rainy days these next few months, and the kids will be restless. Plan ahead by filling your kids’ craft bag with the items you’ll need to make any one of these fun and simple Spring crafts.

Spring is a time of rebirth and blossoming. All of the little critters come out and start to join the world again. So, lots of these crafts will be our little animal friends. You’ll also find bugs, birds, things from the farm, flowers, rain and weather crafts, and more.

Craft Supplies to Gather

Each craft will tell you exactly what items to grab from your kids’ craft bag. But every single craft supply comes from the same master list that we use for every single creative project you see on this site and in our shop. By sticking to this list, it’s like having a capsule wardrobe that you can mix and match for thousands of crafty options…but instead of outfits, we’re putting together amazing kids’ crafts. Fill your bag so that you’re ready to craft along too.

backyard birds craft collection

This is the perfect time of year to make these beautiful paper plate bird crafts and learn about our feathery friends…

Why is Spring Called Spring?

According to Dictionary.com, spring was known as lent, or the lentene season, which came from the Old English lengten, which means “to make longer or greater in length.” The days get longer in Spring. In the 1300’s the term lent was replaced by “springing time”, since the plants begin to “spring” from the ground. After a few name changes it was shortened to “Spring”.

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Spring Crafts for Kids
Spring Crafts

Spring Craft Ideas for Kids

March Craft Ideas for Kids

21+ March Crafts for Kids

I love the month of March as we start to see a glimmer of Spring try to peak out from behind the cold and dark of winter. These March crafts for kids include themes like rainbows, St. Patrick’s Day, and the change in weather. Even though March doesn’t include any of the “big” holidays, there’s…

Spider Craft for Kids

Spider Craft for Kids

This spider craft for kids is fun and simple to make, but it’s so much more than just your every day craft. Once you’re done creating, this spider becomes a great fine motor activity for kiddos. It will help improve finger strength and dexterity and promote and mature pinch pattern, which comes in handy when…


Easy Bee Craft for Kids

This paper bee craft is perfect for preschoolers, kindergarteners, or really any kiddo who just wants to make a fun and simple craft. Once it goes together, it’s a great opportunity to teach about the importance of bees for our world and all the good that they do. Crafting has so many benefits. Not only…


Paper Plate Frog Craft

This paper plate frog craft could not be easier to make. It is the perfect preschool frog craft and takes just a few supplies from “In the Bag”. Did you know that we have a list of supplies that we recommend you keep in your kids’ craft bag? (The reason for our name). And not…


Rainy Day Craft for Kids

It’s Spring, which means that it’s time to get ready with the rainy day activities. And this rainy day craft really is simply one of the best Spring crafts. I was one of those rare and strange kids who loved when school recess was indoors.  Then I would get to color and read and play…


Paper Plate Bunny Craft

This paper plate bunny craft is not just fun to make but can be used to carry around those Easter goodies. Or really, anything at all. It doesn’t need to be an Easter bunny craft. Really, rabbits are adorable any time of the year, and make especially good spring crafts since that is when they…


Bookmark Ideas for Students

Today we are going to learn how to make a bookmark. And not just any bookmark, but actually three weather themed bookmarks with special painting techniques and a little bit of soft fuzzies too. These make great DIY gifts for family and friends. And they are easy to make bookmark ideas for students who benefit…


Easy Sheep Craft for Kids

This easy sheep craft for kids is both simple and fun to make and great for working on so many developmental hand skills. Wrapping the body of the sheep is great for developing bilateral coordination (coordinating the hands together) and then for promoting hand strength when pinching the clothespins. These hand skills are essential for…


7 Easy Bug Crafts for Kids

I never thought that I would say bug crafts are “cute”, but these ones really are. And I know that you will use your imaginations and make them your own. Who says that your bee has to be yellow…maybe yours is bright green or pink? The instructions for the easy insect crafts for kids are…


Earth Day Kids’ Craft

Earth Day is coming around again, and it is such a great time to remind children of wonders of our world and our responsibility to take care of it. The Earth Day kids’ craft today is not all that new in concept, but we are making it with a twist. We will only use things…


Bird Nest Craft Activity

All day long I have been working from home, blessed to have a job during this crazy time of isolation. But the down side is that I didn’t have a chance to enjoy this amazing day. Spring is actually finally here (at least for a few days since they are calling for snow by the…


Easter Egg Art for Kids

This Easter egg art is so fun and simple to make!!! And it might just tell you something about yourself as you see the Warshak test design that it creates. Of course, you can use this interesting painting technique for other things too. Really, cut out any form, squeeze a little paint and squish away…

LACING ACTIVITIES Easter Bunny Kids Craft

Easy Bunny Craft

I have yet to meet a kid who does not like to lace things. No one knows why 🙂 But this easy bunny craft will scratch that itch, so to speak. It is a super fun and simple Easter craft or really great for any time of the year. Bunnies are not just for Easter….


Simple Paper Flowers

These simple paper flowers are one of the easiest and fastest crafts you will ever make with your kids. If you have 5 minutes, you can make a flower. So, make LOTS…a whole bouquet. A beautiful and unique collection of 3D paper flowers makes a great gift for someone you love. You can even save…

Paper Easter Wreath

Paper Easter Wreath

Washi tape is one of my favorite craft supplies to use, and it really brings these Easter decorations to life! Plus, it is one of those things that kids just love, even the very little ones! Of course, they never seem to want to leave the tape where they put it. Be warned, your toddlers…


Easter Egg Art

Spring has got to be the absolute best time of the year! Don’t you agree? Today we are making the final craft in the popsicle stick Easter craft series…and it is also the simplest! Learn how to make this abstract Easter egg art and then continue with the rest of the collection: Easter Bunny, Chick,…


Easter Basket Kids Craft

The third in our Easter series of popsicle stick triangle crafts…you will love this sweet basket with the weaving detail! My favorite part of every Easter is always the egg hunt and watching the kids fill their baskets. Really, is there anything better than the looks of pure joy on children’s faces when they find…


Easter Bunny Kids Craft

There are so many great things about the coming of Spring! And at the top of the list is the big furry bunny that brings chocolate! I mean, what could be better. And this Easter Bunny kids craft is made from the items that you already have in your bag if you have filled it…


Easter Chick Kids Craft

The snow is finally beginning to subside, and the sun has been trying to do it’s work. Around here, in Pennsylvania, I have even seen a few buds trying to break through the ground. (Hold on little flowers…it’s not time quite yet.) Spring is just around the corner…at least that is what the groundhog said….

Paper Fox Craft

Paper Fox Craft

Who doesn’t love a sweet little fox? And this easy paper fox craft puppet is so simple and fun to make! Plus, it goes great with some classic stories…like these! *This post contains affiliate links. This means I make a small portion off of any purchases made through the links at no additional cost to…

Now that you have LOADS of ideas for crafts to make with your kids this Spring, make sure that you’re ready by filling your bag using our master list. Then you’re ready to pick your favorites and craft today…no waiting and no additional prep.

Check Out This Brief Video Tutorial of the Sleeping Bunny Craft

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Spring Crafts for Kids 79 Ideas
Spring Crafts for Kids
Rain Cloud Spring Craft
Rain Cloud Spring Craft
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